Energy Blessings for 01-14-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-14-2020

Overall Energy:  LOVE – “Cosmic Christ”

Love is all there is.  It is important to realize that the pure nature of Divinity is Love in Unity.  There is no separation in truth.  The detached aspects exist only in view of our conditioned mind that perceives duality’s illusion.

To maintain your deep connection to Love, adhere to a call of self-discipline.  Commit to being uncompromisingly honest in all situations in your life.  Being in integrity with yourself means loving yourself so much that you never give your power away or settle at being small so people will like you.  Or conversely making yourself bigger and more important so people will like you.  Follow your heart’s dreams and honor first the Love you are as the true, living, feeling, conscious, and awake human being that you see when you gaze into the eyes of the beloved Christ.

In choosing the medicine card of Love the Christ, reminds you that the power of Love is the greatest power there is.  This Love is in everyone and can shift any situation at any time.  Seek and honor first the kingdom of Love in your heart and all else will follow.  This seeking is not only done in the silence of prayer and meditation, but choosing Love is consciously found in the experience of every moment.

“Detachment represents the process of letting go of control over your life, physically, mentally and emotionally.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 42

Gift:  Detachment

Shadow:  Expectation

Siddhi:  Celebration

Programming Partner:  Number 32 – Preservation

My Wisdom Story

“Known as the eternal optimist, I was always on my way towards something.  The fulfilling relationship.  The exciting job.  The radiant health.  I knew, once I achieved that perfect life, I’d be able to rest and be happy.  So I rushed past every milestone, always grasping and expecting, always willing to put off my enjoyment in the NOW for a better future moment.

As I got older, I began to obsess about time.  There was so much to do, and it felt like time was running out.  Until it did.  During a basic medical check-up, something unexpected was found.  I was diagnosed with a deadly illness.

Suddenly, my life was spinning out of control.  I was terrified, enraged. “I have no time for this!” I screamed inside, secretly feeling I’d failed at life.  My optimism vanished, along with my faith in myself and others.  For the next few years, I exhausted all of my savings, as well as my loved ones, as I leapt from doctor to doctor, from conventional to alternative treatments.  Terrified nothing would work, I abandoned each treatment before it had a chance to succeed.  My practitioners saw me as flaky.  But all I saw was disappointment, and the slow death of my dreams.

Finally, I became so ill that I was hospitalized.  There was no spark left in me, until I met my roommate, a child who was dying, too.  Her spirit was so full of joy and wisdom that my heart melted.  She called me her Buddy, and share about her own impending death with an acceptance and peace that put me to shame.

The day she died, my heart literally stopped beating.  The doctors tried to revive me, while I floated up and out of my body and was drawn into a tunnel of indescribable light, color and music.  I felt a Love beyond anything I’d ever known.  Then I saw her, my friend from the hospital, skipping through a field of flowers and into my arms.  Elated, I scooped her up as she whispered, “It’s time to go back, Buddy.  There’s still so much to celebrate.”  The next thing I knew I was back in my body, feeling calm and full of gratitude, despite the pain.

That was many years ago, when I first became known as a medical miracle.  Now, when people look into my eyes, they feel my trust in life.  I am not afraid – for myself, or for them.  I’ve made peace with death.  Now I am free to live, love and appreciate each moment for the precious gift it is.”

My Gift to You

I bring you the Gift of Non-Attachment.  I’m here to remind you that everything in life must come to an end, so that something new can be born.  It is time to surrender your life, and accept your death.  This does not mean you stop desiring, caring or feeling.

In fact, I want you to feel – and breathe – even more intensely than you ever have.  Nor does this mean you can’t hold expectations.  Just hold them lightly, without attachment.  Trust the intelligence of your life, with its ebbs and flows, joys and pains.  Even the most sorrowful states can be enjoyed if you can let your attachments fall away.  Remember, you are an unfolding tale, its author and reader, all at once.  Never miss an opportunity to celebrate your magnificent self, and life.

Questions for Contemplation

  • Where are you resisting change? (the aging of your body, the individuation of your children, and old way of thinking or being)
  • What is coming to an end, or needing to die in your life?
  • What – or who – do you need to let go of?
  • Have you prematurely abandoned a project, relationship, or experience? What would it take for you to have true closure?
  • Embrace a change in your life.  Find a concrete and empowering way to celebrate it.

“As we listen to the great wisdom of our ancestors and of the indigenous tribal cultures, we will once again find our correct inner spirit.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 32

Gift:  Preservation

Shadow:  Failure

Siddhi:  Veneration

Programming Partner:  Number 42 Detachment

My Wisdom Story

“My younger brother and I were both raised in the sacred medicine tradition.  We lived side by side in the rain forest, each with our own simple camp.  We always shared everything we had and served the same local community, until a foreigner came to one of my brother’s ceremonies, and was so transformed by the experience that he spread the word far and wide about my brother’s healing powers.  Soon people started flying in from all over the world to work with my brother.

At first I was happy for him.  But over time, I watched his small camp turn into a retreat center, and watched him travel to distant countries to share our medicine and tradition with strange people who knew nothing about our ways.  He brought back objects and healing practices I didn’t recognize.  Even the way he pruned, weeded and brewed the medicine seemed new.  His plants thrived in ways that made me feel uncomfortable.

A constriction and anger took hold of my chest.  I believed this was because he was betraying our ancestors, and that it was my job to preserve the traditions.  When my student showed curiosity about my brother, I acted like a true fundamentalist, forbidding them from visiting his Center, warning them against his tainted ways.  When my brother reached out to me with gifts, I refused them.  Until he gave up.

My community shrank like my heart, Slowly my medicine began to lose its potency; my prayers stopped working; the animals stopped communicating with me.  I felt disjointed.  I was a cut off from the Great Creator as I was from my brother.

Sensing my soul’s suffering, he reached out to me one last time.  I was shocked to see the pain in his eyes.  It had never occurred to me that his soul was also suffering.  He had been missing me, my love and guidance, and he feared I had rejected and disapproved of everything he did.  It was then I realized that my own fear of failure had blinded me to my brother’s humanity.  I took his hand in mine, and ever since, we’ve been each other’s teacher, student and best friend.  Our community and medicine are thriving.”

My Gift to You

This may not make sense, but it is true.  When you refuse to receive, you are being selfish.  If you truly long to experience success, then you must let go of the entire concept of success and failure.  It is not your desire for money or outer recognition that you need to overcome; it is your fear of failure.  I am here to encourage you to trust your instincts and reach beyond your comfort zone.  The Gift of Preservation is all about preserving Life itself, not just yourself.  It requires that you learn from and ground yourself in the wisdom of your ancestors.  It also asks you not to be afraid to learn and invest in something new, or to receive from those who inspire you.  It’s time to look at your life and determine what and who are worthy of your energy, and good for the whole.  See what you want to keep alive.  And honor that with your whole heart.

Questions for Contemplation

  • Where are you flourishing in your life?  What (who) could use even more of your care, energy and investment?
  • Where do you feel like a failure?
  • Are there ways in which you have been isolating yourself?
  • Do you tend to mistrust those who are different from you?
  • Use your instincts to know who your true allies are.
  • Find a place in your life where you’ve been resisting change.  Write down what you appreciate most about how things are.  Then find a way to breathe new life and Spirit into the old routine.

I hope that each of you received something here that you needed to help you on your way.

Much love and many blessings,


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