Twin Flames ~ Pathfinder’s Healing Arts

Distance Energy Healing Sessions

A ReUnion Process facilitation is an elegant and powerful spiritual technology to free ourselves from the cage of family, cultural, ancestral and past life programming.

The ReUnion Process gives us the power to rebirth ourselves into living and loving beyond all false illusions.

In so doing, the ReUnion process restores our mental clarity, emotional freedom and physical vitality, and opens us to a happy and successful life.

If, despite your best efforts, you find yourself having unwanted feelings or states, or having negative events repeatedly happening in your life, there may be underlying forces in you that are undetected or not resolving.

We have found that the source of these deeper and often undetected forces in our lives is much of the time ancestral. Some forces can also have been passed onto you from your past lives, or projected into you by the people around you.

Although there are many methods out there that will momentarily help alleviate your unwanted symptoms, your permanent freedom requires that these forces be found, understood and cleared. This is what a ReUnion session does.

A ReUnion session helps you discover, clearly understand and then lift away the forces behind your unwanted conditions and circumstances, once and for all.

If you are having material problems, difficulties in relationships, unwanted feelings rising up in you, or if you feel blocked, exhausted or unable to succeed, then there’s a good possibility that the ReUnion Process can finally free you from these problems.

Please feel free to contact me to begin YOUR ReUnion Process!!

“The ReUnion Process has a real genius for uncovering the root causes for what’s showing up in your life at any given point in time. Some things shift almost instantaneously, and other times it is much more subtle, over a longer period of time. This is such a rich process with impact on many levels – spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.” – M.K

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