Twin Flame Pathfinders

Twin Flames ~ Pathfinder’s Healing Arts ~ An Introduction


I’m Kathy Lytle and I’m a Twin Flame.  I’m reaching out to connect with others that are on this unique healing path.  As most of us have figured out by now Twins are here to help clear out old templates that are no longer serving purpose and help anchor in the healing energies that are of a higher dimensional vibration.  In order for us to do that most of us have had to go through crazy, painful, confusing life experiences on our own first and then of course be triggered on even deeper levels for healing and clearing once we’ve connected with our Twins.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20 and while you can’t always see or understand something in the moment, at least until you’ve gotten used to that particular practice, looking back offers the perspective of seeing patterns that have been in play in this lifetime, for multiple generations and even for multiple lifetimes.

For myself, so far my life path has included recognizing, healing and clearing the energies surrounding addiction, co-dependency, inter-racial marriages, poverty consciousness, the prejudices of wealth, religious prejudice, physical, mental and emotional abusiveness, sexual abuse, bi-polar and schizophrenia issues, depression, and narcissism.  Every single one of these topics is applicable to the males and females in my family – these are not gender specific in their expression.  Every topic is multi-generational as well as multiple lifetimes spent in the experiencing of these energies.  And there will be more work for me to do…it’s often said that spiritual work is like peeling an onion…your strip away layer after layer after layer.  I like to say that healing is a process not a one-time event.  It’s also an act of devotion that you revisit often.

In addition to living a life that has included learning and seeing these patterns in me and around me, in numerology I’m an 11 Life Path.  Which means that I’m not just an Empath…I, quite frankly, was born a master intuitive…my intuition never closed off during childhood to be re-awakened at a later date as is often the case in others.  Psychically I have been wide open my entire life.  I’m clairaudient (hearing), clairsentient (sensing), clairvoyant (seeing), claircognizant (knowing), pre-cognizant (knowing before), and telepathic (and trust me, I’m not just telepathic because I’ve met my Twin…it’s been with me since I was born).  I’m also a Dreamwalker.  From the time I was a little girl I’ve had family members and even animals come to me in the Dreamtime.  My spirit Guides, angels, and obviously my Higher Self and my Twin’s Higher Self have walked with me every night while this human form has been “sleeping.”

So not only have I found life to be challenging as a third dimension human but I also had no choice from very early on but to try and understand and work with the other multi-dimensional “gifts” that come with being me in this lifetime.  And I’m not going to lie…there have been major moments in the last 44 years when I was done…I swore up and down…I swore at God, Creator, the Universe and any Angel that could hear me that it was time for me to come Home…begging….please, don’t make me stay here.  The pain and confusion at certain moments are truly unbearable…and yet here we are…still breathing!

I’m reactivating my YouTube channel because I’m seeing and hearing that so many, many Twins are actively seeking the tools that are necessary to shift the energies to come into alignment and Union with their Twins.  I have been blessed with an amazing toolbox of tools that I have been actively developing and using with others over the last 22 years and it’s time now for me to reach out to my brothers and sisters here in TwinFlameLandia  lol ! I have two active Facebook pages and a website.  The links are included in the information section below.  I’m inviting you all to visit the Facebook pages especially and take a look around to see if anything resonates with you.  Feel free to reach out with your questions…I will respond as I can and please know that the YouTube videos are only getting started.  I will be posting here quite regularly with tips, meditations, healing energy sessions, and readings.  Most of these will be free…but some will also be pay-to-view.  And, as always, take what you will and leave the rest.  Some of the teachings that I offer will light you up and some won’t…they don’t have to…and still, it’s all good!!  I’m really, really excited to begin this Journey with you and I’m looking forward to connecting with you as our Journey’s call us to each other.  One Love and many blessings to each of you!  See you soon! Kathy


Pathfinder’s Healing Arts:

Healing Sound Immersions with Kathy Lytle:


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