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Twin Flame Energy Forecast

Twin Flame Energy Forecast for May 27th – May 30th 2016 The energy between Twins this weekend looks to be full of heart centered compassion and playfulness.  The overlying energies for the reading is the King of Wands so the Masculine aspect of the… Continue Reading “Twin Flame Energy Forecast”

Twin Flame Pathfinders

Twin Flames ~ Pathfinder’s Healing Arts ~ An Introduction Hi! I’m Kathy Lytle and I’m a Twin Flame.  I’m reaching out to connect with others that are on this unique healing path.  As most of us have figured out by now Twins are here… Continue Reading “Twin Flame Pathfinders”

Twin Flames ~ As Above, So Below

A healing sounds meditation for those seeking balance of body, mind and spirit.

Twin Flames ~ Pathfinder’s Healing Arts

A ReUnion session helps you discover, clearly understand and then lift away the forces behind your unwanted conditions and circumstances, once and for all.