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Energy Blessings for 02-16-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-16-2020 Plant Kingdom Allies: Hypericum ~ Peach Tree ~ Chickpeas Hypericum: grows rapidly in most gardens. It survives all climates but the most temperate and has provided humankind with wonderful healing gifts capable of relieving many symptoms. As a homeopathic remedy,… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-16-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020

Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020 Blessings from Demeter & Artemis Demeter – is an ancient Greek Great Mother goddess, a goddess of life and death.  The Greeks emphasized her role as goddess of the cultivated earth, the giver of fruitfulness and abundance and provider of… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020”