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Energy Blessings for 02-27-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-27-2020 Goddess Guidance ~ Maat ~ Maeve Maat ~ Justice I am the law of truth The path of integrity Preserver of the code And in my heart Justice lives I weigh all deeds against My feather of truth I weigh… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-27-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-20-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-20-2020 Divine Guiding Presence:  Changing Woman Changing Woman is perhaps the most revered of deities among the Native Americans of the southwestern United States.  She is a wholly benevolent figure, for it is Changing Woman who give the people their abundance… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-20-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-07-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-07-2020 Divine Guidance:  Self-Portrait It’s time to look inside of yourself and see what you can see in the darkness.  The Jaguar is the dark huntress of the night – she sees and hears things that are not visible or available… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-07-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-06-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-06-2020 Guidance Message: The Centaur – sacred wounded healer…Sagittarius energy and the balanced dance between the Sun – Jupiter – and the Moon. Balanced Feminine and Masculine. The Rainbow bridge created by Water, Earth, Air, & Fire. Healing frequencies dancing in… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-06-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-04-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-04-2020 Guiding Presence ~ Heron & Spider ~ Heron Symbology:  life ~ feminine energy ~ renewal The Heron is a bird of the water and is thus associated with feminine energy and regeneration.  In ancient Egypt, the heron was the first… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-04-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-03-2020

Energy Blessings for 02.03.2020 “The secret of the Gift of Integrity is to be able to hold your own space without reacting to your judgements or self-judgements.” ~ Richard Rudd Number 18 Gift:  Integrity Shadow:  Judgement Siddhi:  Perfection Programming Partner:  17 – Far-sightedness My… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-03-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-01-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-01-2020 Overall Message: Goddess Ix Chel Ix Chel is the ancient Mayan moon goddess who reigned supreme throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, in southern Mexico, and as far south as El Salvador for more than a millennium. She is also called the… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-01-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-31-2020

Energy Blessings for 01-30-2020 Overall Energy Message: The Gift ~ “Owl Woman” “Cooling from the heat of the day under the starry night.  Feeling broken, seeking peace, in the Solstice moon so bright.  A voice from within spoken word, she begins, ‘Walk with me… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-31-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020

Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020 Blessings from Demeter & Artemis Demeter – is an ancient Greek Great Mother goddess, a goddess of life and death.  The Greeks emphasized her role as goddess of the cultivated earth, the giver of fruitfulness and abundance and provider of… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020”