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Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020 Guiding Message:  Horse ~ Motivation ~ Fire Kin Essence:  Taking action is often the only way we can truly motivate ourselves and others Humans have a relationship with horses that conjures feelings of freedom, devotion, and passion within us all. … Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-08-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-08-2020 Channeled Guidance: Mental Agriculture What verbal seeds are you planting in your mind, for growth? Where do you need to mentally pull some weeds out of the garden of your mind? What words are you speaking that will impact the… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-08-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-01-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-01-2020 Overall Message: Goddess Ix Chel Ix Chel is the ancient Mayan moon goddess who reigned supreme throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, in southern Mexico, and as far south as El Salvador for more than a millennium. She is also called the… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-01-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-31-2020

Energy Blessings for 01-30-2020 Overall Energy Message: The Gift ~ “Owl Woman” “Cooling from the heat of the day under the starry night.  Feeling broken, seeking peace, in the Solstice moon so bright.  A voice from within spoken word, she begins, ‘Walk with me… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-31-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-20-2020

Energy Blessings for 01-20-2020 Overall Energy Message: Seraphenite ~ Honesty ~ Heart & Third Eye Chakras It’s time for you to be honest with yourself. Take time to identify the changes that you need to make in your life so that you can feel… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-20-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-17-2020

Overall Energy Message – Amuata – Sage of Higher Knowledge Seek what feels true, even beyond the logical.  If something doesn’t feel right, challenge it and dig deeper.  Educate and inform yourself on matters of importance to you.  Trust that your mind is strong… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-17-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-14-2020

Energy Blessings for 01-14-2020 Overall Energy:  LOVE – “Cosmic Christ” Love is all there is.  It is important to realize that the pure nature of Divinity is Love in Unity.  There is no separation in truth.  The detached aspects exist only in view of… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-14-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-09-2020

Overall Energy: Medusa When Medusa was slain, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from her blood. The Greeks portrayed Medusa as a horrifying gorgon, an ugly woman with snakes for hair; anyone who looked at her face was turned to stone. Yet her name has… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-09-2020”