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Energy Blessings for 02-24-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-24-2020 Animal Spirit Messengers:  Cicada ~ Kingfisher ~ Elephant Cicada ~ Cycles ~ Earth Kin Essence:  Every experience has its place in shaping your unique voice The cicada is the ultimate representation of the cycles of life, teaching us the importance… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-24-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-21-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-21-2020 Spirit Messages:  Shifting ~ Up ~ Divinity Shifting – Our personal and spiritual growth occurs in a series of rhythms and patterns.  When we reach a certain level of experience and understanding, life will move into a holding pattern as… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-21-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-19-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-19-2020 Overarching Guidance ~ Bear Bear Symbology:  healing ~ divinity ~ invulnerability The Bear has symbolized divinity and healing in many cultures.  The Ainu people of the northern islands of Japan believed that the bear was a mountain god; in India,… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-19-2020”

Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020

Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020 Guiding Message:  Horse ~ Motivation ~ Fire Kin Essence:  Taking action is often the only way we can truly motivate ourselves and others Humans have a relationship with horses that conjures feelings of freedom, devotion, and passion within us all. … Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 02-14-2020”

Energy Blessings for 01-22-2020

Energy Blessings for 01-22-2020 Overall Energy Messages:  Beetle – #53 – Beetle – Spirit Kin Essence – continually moving and discarding brings freedom and light Beetles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are found all around the world.  Beetles… Continue Reading “Energy Blessings for 01-22-2020”