Energy Blessings for 01-22-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-22-2020

Overall Energy Messages:  Beetle – #53 – Beetle – Spirit

Kin Essence – continually moving and discarding brings freedom and light

Beetles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are found all around the world.  Beetles are gentle omnivores who live on food plants, eating sap, leaves, fungi, and occasionally other insects.  They also scavenge for fruit, plant matter, and some species are commonly known for opportunistically consuming the dung of herbivore animals.

These curious creatures have the ability to tunnel and burrow chambers to store food, as well as create perfect spheres of dung that they then roll along for storage.  After the initial birth stage, a beetle goes through a series of important changes to complete its self-renewal each day.  In their final stage as a beetle, they are made up into three segments, which gives them strength while maintaining flexibility and protection.

Their hard, shell-like covering opens up to reveal beautiful translucent wings that allow them to fly great heights with speed.  In ancient Egyptian culture, the scarab beetle was said to represent the god of the rising sun and had a strong association with the solar system due to the fact that it had ray-like antennae on its head and possessed such unique and precise capabilities to roll balls of dung.  Beetles teach us that it is not what we are given in life to work with, but how we choose to use those tools to our benefit that matters.  They are the perfect reminder that, in order to stay pure at heart, we must remember to continually move our “stuff” out of the way – clear, cleanse and keep moving forward.

Additional Messages

Voice – Let your voice be heard!  You are a beautiful and wise being of the Divine, made to bring forth your individual truth and expression.  No more holding back.  No more staying small.  You are being called now to use the gift of your words and the power of your voice.  What you have to say is important.  What you have to share is needed.

You could be finding yourself being asked to step-out in front of groups to talk or you may be finding that situations keep coming up where you are being given an opportunity to be vocal about what you think, believe, or feel.  For many of us, this does not come easily.  Often, we have had past experiences which discouraged us from expressing ourselves openly.  It is time to begin to heal those old understandings and allow yourself to be seen and heard.

Each of us has a unique expression.  Whether you are being asked to sing, chant, pray, speak or teach – it is your voice that needs to be heard.  This can also be related to simply stating what is true for you in your relationships.  It could involve stating your point of view, needs or desires – regardless of how different they may be.

It’s time to remember who you are.  Stand up for yourself, stand tall in what you believe.  Speak from your heart and your words will always be heard.  Your voice is a gift and it is meant to be shared.  You are about to empower yourself in a way that you have not experienced before.  You will notice that by taking this step of being vocal, you fall more into alignment of what you are really here to do.

Shifting – our personal and spiritual growth occurs in a series of rhythms and patterns.  When we reach a certain level of experience and understanding, life will move into a holding pattern as we master it.  Things will fall into a steady, reliable pattern.  We come to know what to expect and how things are going to be.  And because we humans are creatures of comfort and habit, we usually enjoy hanging out on the plateau where things are familiar and reliable.

This card has come to you today because you are either about to enter into or you are already in, one of those great shifts.  It is a necessary part of your growth and higher learning.  You are moving to a new level of consciousness and awareness.  In order for this to happen, some of the old ways of life and of being, must fall away to make room for the new.

You may find yourself changing jobs or careers.  Old friends or relationships may drift away as new people enter your life.  You may move to a new home or have a sudden change in finances.  On an energetic level, your consciousness is opening to the hidden wounds you carry.  More than likely you are feeling very far out of your comfort zone, possibly even experiencing situational depression.

This shift is vital and necessary. Remain as calm as you can while the earth shakes under your feet.  You will find yourself quite pleased with the new consciousness and way of being, once this shift is complete.  In the meantime, try to stay open as these changes occur.  It may not feel comfortable, but you will come through this as more evolved and stable person.

Caretaker – You are an endless giver.  If anyone has a need, or requires assistance in any way, you are right there to help.  Essentially, you are an Earth Angel.  Every life you touch is made better – whether you know it or not.  You heart is big, and the support and love you give is even bigger.  You are on of the souls who are here to either nurture the world or the people in it.

However, there comes a time when we have to consider our own needs over others.  We have to make our own well-being a priority, even if that means it may not please others.  You have to come first right now.  Although it may feel as though it is going against your very nature to do so, it is vital that you put yourself first.  Your physical and emotional well-being needs to be nurtured and maintained.  This ensures that when you do give to someone else, what you give has substance.

Your personal value cannot be defined solely in what, or how much, you give to others.  You value and worth as a person come from all the incredible qualities that make you, YOU.  Maybe this is the time you finally say ‘no’ or create a boundary.  In some way, it is time to give to yourself, and restore a balance in your life.

You are a beautiful soul with much to give, and a beautiful soul who deserves to receive.  If there is something you need, or is you could use a little assistance, Spirit is encouraging you to allow others the opportunity to give to you.  You know from your own experience how good it feels to give.  So now you need to give the ultimate gift and allow someone else to give to you.  It’s time to allow the caretaker to be taken care of.

I hope that these messages offer you something that you needed on your Path today.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-20-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-20-2020

Overall Energy Message: Seraphenite ~ Honesty ~ Heart & Third Eye Chakras

It’s time for you to be honest with yourself. Take time to identify the changes that you need to make in your life so that you can feel fulfilled and happy. Focus on healing yourself today by being completely honest with yourself. What do you need to do to feel completely happy and healthy? Once you have been honest with yourself and you have identified what it is that you do and don’t want in your life, you can then make changes. During this process of change, listen to your heart and stay true to yourself. Be wary of accepting other people’s agendas or other people’s advice at this time. Be sure to surround yourself with people you can trust because some people come from a place of ego or self-service. Too many people’s viewpoints can cloud your judgement. Be true to you!

You can also ask your angels and spirit guides for help, they will send you the answers. Pay attention to any signs or messages they send to you. Trust in what you see, sense, hear and feel.

Seraphinite is a beautiful healing crystal which aids in angelic communication. It is also associated with the heart and third-eye chakras.

Additional messages: Rhiannon ~ Citrine ~ Sedna ~ Labradorite ~ Kaltes ~ Lepidolite

Rhiannon is the Great Goddess as worshipped by the Welsh. She is an embodiment of life, death, and rebirth, for in her realm there is no death without regernation. Her name derives from Rigantona, which means “great queen.” A shape-shifter, she can assume any form she wants; she often appears as a white horse. She is a muse goddess and is accompanied by three sweetly singing birds who can revive the dead or put the living to sleep. The source of the king’s power derived from Rhiannnon, the queen, and a candidate for kinghood met Rhiannon dressed as a stag, a regal figure symbolic of rejuvenation, beauty, strength, and instinctual masculine energy. In alter myth she appears as Nimue or a Vivien, the Lady of the Lake. Rhiannon is a beautiful queen of the night, a reminder of the close balance between death and rebirth. She demands that we honor our instinctual and animal selves as a source of creativity, abundance, and order.

Citrine ~ Abundance/Creativity ~ Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine is the crystal of abundance. Abundance comes to you in many ways today; it may be a piece of happy news, a new business opportunity, money or a feeling of fulfillment. It doesn’t matter which form the abundance come in, try to focus only on the positive things today, and feel yourself being re-energized.

If you feel like you need more energy, begin to get creative. When you partake in creative activities, you open yourself up to new opportunities, rekindled passion and greater happiness. To express your creativity you may like to garden, cook, paint, draw, write, play or listen to music. What can you make, play or do that you enjoy? Look especially for activities that get you thinking out of the box and help you to relax.

When you are feeling positive, relaxed and/or motivated your energy levels are very high. This also helps you to attract and manifest more abundance into your life. Make a list of what you would like to achieve and then visualize yourself achieving it. Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra. It is known as “the stone of success” and it can help you to increase your personal wealth and energy.

Sedna ~ “the one down there” was once a beautiful Eskimo woman who lived with her father. None of the local suitors appealed to her, and she refused to marry until a fulmar (a type of bird) from across the sea promised to take her to his home of luxury. When she found she had been deceived and was ill-treated, she begged her father to take her home. As the two were crossing the water, a flock of fulmars caused a huge storm to arise. To save his own life, Sedna’s father threw her into the ocean. As she clung to the boat, he chopped off her fingers, which turned into whales, seals and all the mammals of the sea. Sedna descended to Adlivum, the Eskimo underworld, where she now rules the dead. To ensure that she will continue to send food to hunters, shamans descend to visit her, come her hair, and massage her mutilated hands. Sedna is a reminder of the nourishing gifts that are to be found deep in the dark, cold places that we most fear.

Labradorite ~ Psychic Ability ~ Third Eye Chakra

When you draw the Labradorite card, it heralds a time for you to get more in touch with your intuition and psychic abilities. You have been born with your own unique psychic gifts. Trust in these gifts and know that you are truly connecting with your spirit guides and angels.

Do not be afraid of your psychic abilities. You may receive your psychic information through premonitions, your dreams or through being clairsentient, which is when you feel something psychically. It’s an inner knowing. You may also receive psychic information through clairvoyance, which is seeing something with your third eye or inner eye. If you are already aware of your psychich gifts, Labradorite is here today to make you aware that you need to reawaken these gifts or prepare for a boost in your intuition.

Your spirit guides have been trying to get your attention; they want to work more closely with you. Notice any signs you receive, or feelings that you may have. You may be inspired to attend some spiritual seminars or retreats or you may feel drawn to a particular spiritual book which will help you enhance your psychic skills.

Kaltes ~ is a moon goddess venerated by the Ugric peoples of western Siberia. A shape-shifter, she is shown here manifested as a hare, an animal sacred to her. This appearance shows her lunar nature, for the hare is a lunar creature; many cultures, when looking at the moon, see the outline of the hare, who lives in the moon. The hare is often seen as an intermediary between lunar deities and humans, so the appearance of Kaltes in this form indicates her accessibility to her people. Kaltes is known as a fertility goddess and a goddess of rejuvenation. She is called upon by women in childbirth, for she is especially venerated as a promoter of the beginning of the life cycle. Although she is somewhat feared because she can determine people’s destinies, she is mostly revered for her gentle wisdom. She is a compassionate guide to the mysteries of life.

Lepidolite ~ Trust ~ Third Eye & Crown Chakra

Trust in the Universe. Stay strong and positive, stand in your space and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Try to remove any doubts you might have about what is going on around you. It is time for you to trust and move forwards. It is also important that you pay attention to and trust any intuitive feelings that you are receiving. This is your spirit guides and angels way of getting messages through to you.

Even if you don’t understand why something is happening, trust that everything is going to be okay.

Lepidolite helps you to overcome any worries that you may have. It also helps you to be independent and opens you up to trust and self-love. Lepidolite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It is known as “the stone of transition.” If you are transitioning in certain areas of your life right now, take this as a great sign that you need to trust in the decision that you have made. It is the right rime for this transition to occur. Enjoy the new beginnings that are flowing into your life.

I hope that the messages here offer you something to take away with you on your Journey.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-17-2020

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Overall Energy Message – Amuata – Sage of Higher Knowledge

Seek what feels true, even beyond the logical.  If something doesn’t feel right, challenge it and dig deeper.  Educate and inform yourself on matters of importance to you.  Trust that your mind is strong and bright enough to do this.  Enhance your self-esteem by researching for information and trusting your intuition to help you discern what is useful and true.  Have faith in your own mental abilities.  If others have criticized you or made you feel inadequate in understanding, cast that off as belonging to the past and not relevant to you now.  You will become immune to manipulation by others, who may be convincing but not necessarily accurate or helpful.  Trust the power of your mind to receive and recognize the answers that you need.  You will find your way.

Test all opinions, advice, research and alleged facts according to your own intuition and instinct.  Select that which is helpful for you and notice that which is best cast aside, even if just for a time.  Seek information and assistance from those that you feel can assist you – and yet place no human advisor above the ultimate, divine authority, which will guide you on how to proceed through a deep inner knowing.  There is always new knowledge beyond existing boundaries of thought.  We simply need to be open and willing to receive it with patience, discernment and trust in the greater guiding power.  The oracle of Amuata comes to you with guidance that an answer is coming, an important piece of information, and that when you are centered in your heart you will recognize that for what it is and know how to proceed.

More Insights ~ Innocence ~ Integrity ~ Star Seed

Innocence – Too often, we carry around the extra baggage of guilt and shame.  This card has come to you today because it is time to release these feelings.  The Universe sees your innocence and is asking that you begin to see it too.

These long-held beliefs are buried within your core and they are interfering with your progression.  It’s time to release any shame you carry about who you are, or guilt over actions you did or did not do.  These old values only lead you to question whether you are good enough, deserving, or worthy.  What if I had done more?  Been more?  What if I hadn’t done that?  Why did I say that or do that?  They make you question if you, as a person are enough. 

But the Universe sees you as perfect in every way.  You need to see your own innocence, no matter what you may have done or when.  This is the first step to healing your heart and spirit.  It’s a necessary step in moving forward and claiming your place in this world.  This one simple act will allow the seeds of self-forgiveness and self-love to blossom within.  The innocence card may also come if it is time to see the innocence in another person.  It’s important to delve below the surface of any feelings of anger, hurt, or disappointment.  Within your heart, allow yourself to see the innocence in the other person’s actions or behaviors.  This can bring profound healing and may even help you to see your own innocence.

Integrity – This card comes to you today because your own sense of integrity is strong.  Do not doubt yourself or allow someone else to shake you with accusations, should that be the case.

Your integrity demands that you do what feels right.  This is because your integrity is directly connected to your spiritual sense of direction – much like a compass.  It helps you align with the Divine plan and take right action.  One of Spirit’s ways of guiding us is through our integrity.  It’s important for you to remember that whatever action you have taken, it was with the best of intention, regardless of the outcome.  At the end of the day, it’s between you and God – no one else.  Keep that in mind.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  It only matters what you think.

Your heart is good.  Do not allow any outside influence to leave you questioning it.  Spirit doesn’t.  Carry on doing what you are doing.  Just stay true to what you feel is right.  That is all anyone can ever ask of you.

Often the Integrity card comes to those who are here to do important work on Spirit’s behalf.  These people are strongly guided by their integrity.  You are one of them.  And sometimes, your strengths and gifts are tested so you can discover for yourself, just how strong they are within you.

This card may also come to you if you are trying to deal with someone who is out of alignment with their personal integrity.  Regardless of what takes place, do not deviate from your own sense of integrity as you deal with the situation.  And do not attempt to fix or change the other person.  Send them love and forgive them as best you can, while you remain strong in your own truth and integrity.

Star Seed – The loving, benevolent being on this card has come to you today to share his words of encouragement.  There are many who feel as though they don’t belong here on Earth.  It can be a tough Journey, with many experiences and obstacles to overcome.  You no longer have to question whether you are supposed to be here or not, or whether you belong.  You most absolutely belong here.  Your soul has chosen this incarnation for many reasons, and the Universe has brought you here for a reason too.  Do no doubt the wisdom of it.

You are a very sensitive soul, connected to the subtle energies that weave and ebb throughout the entire cosmos.  You may find that you are acutely affected by the moods or thoughts of others as well.  Although at times it may not feel like it, this is a gift.  It is a special part of your make-up and blue print.  Your keen ability to sense and intuit these energies is an aspect of the gift you are here to bring to the planet.

You could be any type of healer or teacher, but this largely depends on whether you choose to hide away from the world or to engage in it.  At times is may seem easier to just hide away, but that is not what you have come here to do.  You carry a high frequency and through your everyday contact with others, you are sharing it.  As you allow yourself to open up to the world around you, you’ll find yourself opening to the higher information and energies as well.

Usually, Star Seeds are guided and directed by beings of cosmic/galactic nature.  This can sometimes mean that it takes more effort and patience when communicating with their guides.  The Star Seed card asks that you consciously work on developing your connection with your guides, as there is information awaiting you.

I hope that you have found the blessings and messages that are here for you today.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-16-2020

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Overall Energy Message: Amethyst ~ Intuition ~ Third Eye Chakra

Your intuition is very strong right now. Notice any intuitive feelings or vision that you may be experiencing. Trust in your intuition because this is your inner-self, spirit guides and angel connecting with you. They offer guidance and valuable insights into your life.

Take time today to focus on peace and tranquility. As you relax, you will feel the answers to your questions coming forwards a lot more deeply. It’s also a good time to join a meditation group, attend a spiritual workshop or delve into a spiritual matter that interests you. This will help you to reconnect with your spirit guides and angels. Nurturing your intuitive connection will help bring about self-healing on many levels and will also enhance your capacity to help others heal through words, energy or even through a hands-on healing modality.

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. Drawing this card may indicated that next February will be a significant month for you. Amethyst is associated with your third eye chakra which relates to your intuition. It can also be very useful in helping you to heal any past hurts. Harness the power of amethyst to reconnect with your intuition today!

Additional Messages: Valkyrie ~ Obsidian ~ High Priestess ~ Lepidolite

Valkyrie – The Bird Goddess is one of the most ancient goddesses, both a life-giving creator and a goddess of death and regeneration. The Valkyrie, a northern European goddess, is a representation of Goddess as the wielder of death. The bird guise of the Valkyrie is that of the Raven, long associated with death and magic. The name Valkyrie means “chooser of the slain;” the face and form of the Valkyrie are the last thing a person sees before death. Valkyries are psychopomps who lead the soul to the afterworld. For ancient people death was part of a cyclical process leading again to rebirth; black was a positive color, a symbol of fertility and abundance. The Valkyrie represents that part of us that is unafraid of the dark places; she can lead us into and through them. She reminds us that seeds germinate in the darkness, that sometimes we need darkness in order to grow.

Obsidian ~ Protection ~ Root Chakra

Obsidian is a very protective crystal. It has appeared for you today to provide you with a grounded protective energy. Obsidian also reminds you of the importance of psychic protection. It is very important that you feel protected on all levels. To psychically protect yourself, imagine you are surrounded by a very strong bubble of golden light. The color gold is used to keep your energy strong and it is extra resilient to lower energies.

To keep yourself physically protected when you are by yourself, take note of your surroundings. Always pay attention to any feelings or warnings that you may receive. If you have a bad feeling about going to a particular place, event or area, be extra cautious if you do go, or you can go with someone else or even reschedule if that is a possibility.

To protect yourself spiritually always remember to call on your angels or spirit guides and ask for their protective presence to surround you as you move through your day. If there is someone who is quite draining or negative in your life, visualize a protective bubble of golden energy surrounding their energies before you interact with them. Obsidian is associated with the root chakra and it helps remove negativity and restores your energy.

High Priestess – The Priestess is the direct representative of the goddess on earth. She has direct responsibility for functions that ensure fertility and ongoing creation. Priestesses often were responsible for ensuring rain, for the goddess was the giver of dew and of rain. They often tended a sacred flame, the embodiment of the creative spark of life.

The High Priestess is the Great Goddess herself, a universal figure found in such diverse guises as Isis in Egypt, Kuan Yin throughout all of Asia, Athena in Greece, and Rhiannon among the Celts. This goddess is all-knowing and all-wise; she creates life out of herself and bestows life-giving waters. At the proper time she takes life away so that the divine spark in each person may be freed to continue on its journey. The Hight Priestess is a reminder of the innate wisdom in each of us. She demands that we connect to the divine spark within and manifest it in the world.

Lepidolite ~ Trust ~ Third Eye & Crown Chakra

Trust in the Universe. Stay strong and positive, stand in your space and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Try to remove any doubts you might have about what is going on around you. It is time for you to trust and move forwards. It is also important that you pay attention to and trust any intuitive feelings that you are receiving. This is your spirit guides and angels way of getting messages through to you.

Even if you don’t understand why something is happening, trust that everything is going to be okay.

Lepidolite helps you to overcome any worries that you may have. It also helps you to be independent and opens you up to trust and self-love. Lepidolite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It is known as “the stone of transition.” If you are transtitioning in certain areas of your life right now, take this as a great sign that you need to trust in the decision that you have made. It is the right rime for this transition to occur. Enjoy the new beginnings that are flowing into your life.

I hope that the messages here offer you something to take away with you on your Journey.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-15-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-15-2020

Overall Message:  Beryl ~ Resolution ~ Stress reduction ~ Potential new possibilities

An ongoing problem or dilemma will soon be resolved in an unexpected way.  As a result, your stress levels and anxiety will decrease.  Through this, exciting new pathways open for you and you discover new possibilities for your life.  As this current situation is resolved you will simultaneously and subconsciously let go of a past regret or guilt that has only served to sabotage the creative possibilities that have been available for you for quite some time.  It is time for you to shine!

Open your heart and you’ll see the unlimited potential that resides within you.

Medicine cards for today:  Wulfenite ~ Gold with Quartz ~ Selenite

Wulfenite – Preservation ~ Duality ~ Psychic awareness

Your powers of perceptions are strong at present and you will experience a heightened awareness of others’ thoughts and intuitively understand their motives and actions.

By drawing this card you are being encouraged to follow your feelings and instincts.  Rely on your intuition rather than on what others say – follow your gut feeling, for in doing so you will preserve the integrity of a project or situation which is dear to your heart.  In this instance, you are being encouraged not to listen to the conflicting opinions of others; listen instead to the guidance which stems from your own soul and all will work out well.

Gold With Quartz – Physically grounding ~ Abstract ideas and inspirations

Several wonderful ideas and inspirations are filtering through into your physical reality.  These ideas and inspirations, which stem from your soul, will help you manifest many of the things your heart has, for so long, desired.

Over the coming days your intuition will be strong and you will have a greater sense of the universal spirit that flows through all things.  Through this, a new found sense of joy and wonder emerges – one which transforms your life.  Give thanks for this blessing and allow it to inspire and illuminate your heart and mind.  Your ideas and inspirations are divinely guided, so trust them!

Selenite – Telepathy ~ Soul connection ~ Peace ~ Tranquility

It is possible for you to connect with others energetically on a soul level and infuse them with love and healing.  This is telepathic communication in its highest form.  Through the formless light of love it is possible to both send and receive information provided the information is sought and sent with love.  Remember that on a soul level, time and space do not really exist because all is interconnected and ultimately One.

The peace and tranquility you seek can be found by connecting to that ultimate Oneness.  Go within, for in doing so, you will realize that all is eternal; nothing is ever lost, and that all is eternally present.

I pray that you were able to find something to take away from these messages today.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-14-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-14-2020

Overall Energy:  LOVE – “Cosmic Christ”

Love is all there is.  It is important to realize that the pure nature of Divinity is Love in Unity.  There is no separation in truth.  The detached aspects exist only in view of our conditioned mind that perceives duality’s illusion.

To maintain your deep connection to Love, adhere to a call of self-discipline.  Commit to being uncompromisingly honest in all situations in your life.  Being in integrity with yourself means loving yourself so much that you never give your power away or settle at being small so people will like you.  Or conversely making yourself bigger and more important so people will like you.  Follow your heart’s dreams and honor first the Love you are as the true, living, feeling, conscious, and awake human being that you see when you gaze into the eyes of the beloved Christ.

In choosing the medicine card of Love the Christ, reminds you that the power of Love is the greatest power there is.  This Love is in everyone and can shift any situation at any time.  Seek and honor first the kingdom of Love in your heart and all else will follow.  This seeking is not only done in the silence of prayer and meditation, but choosing Love is consciously found in the experience of every moment.

“Detachment represents the process of letting go of control over your life, physically, mentally and emotionally.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 42

Gift:  Detachment

Shadow:  Expectation

Siddhi:  Celebration

Programming Partner:  Number 32 – Preservation

My Wisdom Story

“Known as the eternal optimist, I was always on my way towards something.  The fulfilling relationship.  The exciting job.  The radiant health.  I knew, once I achieved that perfect life, I’d be able to rest and be happy.  So I rushed past every milestone, always grasping and expecting, always willing to put off my enjoyment in the NOW for a better future moment.

As I got older, I began to obsess about time.  There was so much to do, and it felt like time was running out.  Until it did.  During a basic medical check-up, something unexpected was found.  I was diagnosed with a deadly illness.

Suddenly, my life was spinning out of control.  I was terrified, enraged. “I have no time for this!” I screamed inside, secretly feeling I’d failed at life.  My optimism vanished, along with my faith in myself and others.  For the next few years, I exhausted all of my savings, as well as my loved ones, as I leapt from doctor to doctor, from conventional to alternative treatments.  Terrified nothing would work, I abandoned each treatment before it had a chance to succeed.  My practitioners saw me as flaky.  But all I saw was disappointment, and the slow death of my dreams.

Finally, I became so ill that I was hospitalized.  There was no spark left in me, until I met my roommate, a child who was dying, too.  Her spirit was so full of joy and wisdom that my heart melted.  She called me her Buddy, and share about her own impending death with an acceptance and peace that put me to shame.

The day she died, my heart literally stopped beating.  The doctors tried to revive me, while I floated up and out of my body and was drawn into a tunnel of indescribable light, color and music.  I felt a Love beyond anything I’d ever known.  Then I saw her, my friend from the hospital, skipping through a field of flowers and into my arms.  Elated, I scooped her up as she whispered, “It’s time to go back, Buddy.  There’s still so much to celebrate.”  The next thing I knew I was back in my body, feeling calm and full of gratitude, despite the pain.

That was many years ago, when I first became known as a medical miracle.  Now, when people look into my eyes, they feel my trust in life.  I am not afraid – for myself, or for them.  I’ve made peace with death.  Now I am free to live, love and appreciate each moment for the precious gift it is.”

My Gift to You

I bring you the Gift of Non-Attachment.  I’m here to remind you that everything in life must come to an end, so that something new can be born.  It is time to surrender your life, and accept your death.  This does not mean you stop desiring, caring or feeling.

In fact, I want you to feel – and breathe – even more intensely than you ever have.  Nor does this mean you can’t hold expectations.  Just hold them lightly, without attachment.  Trust the intelligence of your life, with its ebbs and flows, joys and pains.  Even the most sorrowful states can be enjoyed if you can let your attachments fall away.  Remember, you are an unfolding tale, its author and reader, all at once.  Never miss an opportunity to celebrate your magnificent self, and life.

Questions for Contemplation

  • Where are you resisting change? (the aging of your body, the individuation of your children, and old way of thinking or being)
  • What is coming to an end, or needing to die in your life?
  • What – or who – do you need to let go of?
  • Have you prematurely abandoned a project, relationship, or experience? What would it take for you to have true closure?
  • Embrace a change in your life.  Find a concrete and empowering way to celebrate it.

“As we listen to the great wisdom of our ancestors and of the indigenous tribal cultures, we will once again find our correct inner spirit.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 32

Gift:  Preservation

Shadow:  Failure

Siddhi:  Veneration

Programming Partner:  Number 42 Detachment

My Wisdom Story

“My younger brother and I were both raised in the sacred medicine tradition.  We lived side by side in the rain forest, each with our own simple camp.  We always shared everything we had and served the same local community, until a foreigner came to one of my brother’s ceremonies, and was so transformed by the experience that he spread the word far and wide about my brother’s healing powers.  Soon people started flying in from all over the world to work with my brother.

At first I was happy for him.  But over time, I watched his small camp turn into a retreat center, and watched him travel to distant countries to share our medicine and tradition with strange people who knew nothing about our ways.  He brought back objects and healing practices I didn’t recognize.  Even the way he pruned, weeded and brewed the medicine seemed new.  His plants thrived in ways that made me feel uncomfortable.

A constriction and anger took hold of my chest.  I believed this was because he was betraying our ancestors, and that it was my job to preserve the traditions.  When my student showed curiosity about my brother, I acted like a true fundamentalist, forbidding them from visiting his Center, warning them against his tainted ways.  When my brother reached out to me with gifts, I refused them.  Until he gave up.

My community shrank like my heart, Slowly my medicine began to lose its potency; my prayers stopped working; the animals stopped communicating with me.  I felt disjointed.  I was a cut off from the Great Creator as I was from my brother.

Sensing my soul’s suffering, he reached out to me one last time.  I was shocked to see the pain in his eyes.  It had never occurred to me that his soul was also suffering.  He had been missing me, my love and guidance, and he feared I had rejected and disapproved of everything he did.  It was then I realized that my own fear of failure had blinded me to my brother’s humanity.  I took his hand in mine, and ever since, we’ve been each other’s teacher, student and best friend.  Our community and medicine are thriving.”

My Gift to You

This may not make sense, but it is true.  When you refuse to receive, you are being selfish.  If you truly long to experience success, then you must let go of the entire concept of success and failure.  It is not your desire for money or outer recognition that you need to overcome; it is your fear of failure.  I am here to encourage you to trust your instincts and reach beyond your comfort zone.  The Gift of Preservation is all about preserving Life itself, not just yourself.  It requires that you learn from and ground yourself in the wisdom of your ancestors.  It also asks you not to be afraid to learn and invest in something new, or to receive from those who inspire you.  It’s time to look at your life and determine what and who are worthy of your energy, and good for the whole.  See what you want to keep alive.  And honor that with your whole heart.

Questions for Contemplation

  • Where are you flourishing in your life?  What (who) could use even more of your care, energy and investment?
  • Where do you feel like a failure?
  • Are there ways in which you have been isolating yourself?
  • Do you tend to mistrust those who are different from you?
  • Use your instincts to know who your true allies are.
  • Find a place in your life where you’ve been resisting change.  Write down what you appreciate most about how things are.  Then find a way to breathe new life and Spirit into the old routine.

I hope that each of you received something here that you needed to help you on your way.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-10-2020

Overall Message: Maple ~ Relationship Balance

Maple tree has a loving spirit and energy that helps bring balance to male and female relationships and helps to balance the male and female aspects and their expression within each of us and our lives. This makes relationships much more creative and productive.

Imbalances must be dealt with now. Within you and within important relationships, things have become too one-sided. That is not a healthy relationship. The yin and yang, masculine and feminine, electrical and magnetic need to be held in balance because if it’s not it can skew our intuition and even begin to impact our health

Opportunity to restore and establish greater balance in your personal and business relationships is at hand. Relationships now hold sweet promise and are moving into higher aspirations. Look to balance the physical and the spiritual sides in your life. As you do, the other opposites will begin to harmonize and work together effectively. The inner fires are being awakened and this will strengthen relationships, making them healthier. As a result, your intuition is sharper, and your creativity is stronger.

Messages: Garden ~ Rain ~ Swamp

Garden – Time for nurturing

Gardens are Nature in miniature. They affirm our ability to create and nurture life no matter where we live. The planting of a garden is a truly magical act. As seeds transform, take root and grow, you will see movement in corresponding areas of your life. Your seeds will begin to grow also.

Gardens need care to thrive…is there something that you’re not attending to? Have you ignored things and allowed them to become more troublesome than they should be? Trimming and weeding is vital for growth and development. So is patience, seeds need time to germinate and take root, things will unfold in the time and way that is most beneficial.

Nurture yourself and your endeavors now. Do not ignore the things that give you joy. Take time for yourself and the beautiful garden you are becoming. It will stimulate new growth and energy around you.

Rain – Time to replenish

When the rains come, plants grow, animals drink and the Earth replenishes herself. Heed the lesson here. We each need time to replenish ourselves as well. Sometimes we can experience either too much rain or not enough and both can create problems for us. If we try to make things grow where there has been a drought we will need to take a closer look at the environment around us to determine if what we are working on will actually thrive with our time and attention.

There is great potential for increasing abundance and stimulating new growth in your life right now. Take advantage of the new rains that are coming into your life. The drought is most likely over. Allow yourself to be replenished. Allow the Earth to bring new growth and opportunities to you. Enjoy the comes following the rains.

Swamp – Face your fears

Swamps and bogs are often places of fear, danger and mystery. They are associated with haunting and wandering specters. Face your old fears or they will resurface to haunt you until you do. For shamans, the swamp is a doorway to the Underworld – our place of birth, and our heritage. Until we face our fears, we cannot truly tap the power within our deepest levels of consciousness, which is our heritage.

Fears can make us passive and set us up to victimize us. Do what you know is right, and if things aren’t working, make the necessary changes. Often our biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. Practice more faith in and compassion for yourself.

An initiation is at hand that has the potential to transform you and enable you to cross into new lands. And in this instance, it is your faith that will conquer your fears.

I hope that you found what you needed in today’s messages.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-09-2020

No photo description available.

Overall Energy: Medusa

When Medusa was slain, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from her blood. The Greeks portrayed Medusa as a horrifying gorgon, an ugly woman with snakes for hair; anyone who looked at her face was turned to stone. Yet her name has the same root as ‘medicine’ and ‘measure,’ and derives from a Greek word meaning “to protect, to rule over.” Medusa is a moon goddess, the triple-headed Great Goddess in her death aspect. She is associated with blood, so to meet her is to meet the mysteries of moon-blood or menstrual blood, sacred and transforming, in many mythologies the source of life. Medusa is serpent energy, enlivening, Kundalini rising and thriving! Somehow Medusa, a symbol of growth and generation that dies so that from death may come life, became a symbol of fear, for to look directly upon the Divine is to face an unyielding reality. You are Source Light and Life Itself!

Pegasus is instinct, wisdom, imagination, life force, and intuitive understanding.

Messages: Honey ~ Peppermint ~ Olive Oil

Honey: honey was believed by ancient cultures to be the food of the gods. As a medicine, honey is an aid to both internal and external healing.

Taken internally, it is highly beneficial to digestion. It can calm acute asthma attacks and is also effective in the treatment of cramps. It is an energetic supplement for the heart. Known as an expectorant, it is added to cough mixtures. A mixture of honey and lemon is good for the throat.

Used externally, it is a natural antiseptic and helps soothe damaged tissue and restore skin growth. Honey has been used to treat boils and external sores. It can also be used to treat eye problems.

On an emotional level, honey can soothe frayed nerves.

Honey is also a metaphor for the goodness of life and is said to be medicine for the soul.

A Vedic chant written more than 3,000 years ago venerates honey and asks that the entire Earth obtain the qualities of honey.

Esoteric Meaning: The sweetness of life

Honey represents the natural sweetness that is part of our inner being. We cultivate sweetness in our lives by doing the things we love in life. Sweetness is as natural to our being as love is.

Affirmation: I open my soul to my own natural sweetness.

Peppermint: has been both a food and medicine for hundreds of years. It is also a popular flavor added to food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.

In homeopathy, peppermint is known as Metha Piperita. It stimulates the cold-perceiving nerves, so after taking the remedy inhaled air feels cool. It works on the lungs and skin and is good for husky voices, dry coughs, and skin that is itchy or dry or irritated. It is also used for colic in infants.

Peppermint is used in herbalism to destroy bacteria, viruses, and parasites in the intestinal tract and to alleviate spasms there. It treats indigestion, nausea, ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is used in medicines for ringworm, herpes, scabies, and poison oak. Additionally, it can relieve itching.

In aromatherapy; peppermint is a stimulant used to counteract insomnia, shock, mental fogginess, and lack of focus. It is said to be good for unblocking emotional stuckness.

Peppermint is used in cosmetics to stimulate the skin’s oil production.

Esoteric meaning: Resiliency

Resiliency is the quality that allows us to bound back after a blow, shock, or injury, whether it is physical or emotional. Peppermint brings us back into life.

Affirmation: I allow my resiliency to emerge at every level as I step back into life.

Olive Oil: As a food, olive oil is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It is easily assimilated by the body and can function as a remedy for indigestion and constipation. Olive Oil provides the heart with enough fat to lubricate it without congesting it. A heart tonic when mixed with lemon, it is a liver flusher when mixed with garlic and lemon.

Heated olive oil rubbed into the skin is both a beauty tonic and a calmant. When it is massaged regularly into joints, it relieves the pains and aches of arthritis and rheumatism.

It offers relief for eye, ear, and skin irritations and is a medicine for sores and wounds.

Esoteric meaning: The smoothness of life

Olive oil represents a smooth, untroubled path. It allows the wheels of our life to turn easily and consistently. It symbolizes our capacity to have an easy transit from one stage of life to another. It incorporates the life skills that we learn at each step along the path so that we can manage the next step.

Affirmation: My path in life is smooth and easy.

I hope that the energy offerings here are what you needed to find today.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-08-2020

No photo description available.

Overall Energy:  Puma

The Puma, like the Jaguar and the Leopard, represents powerful magic; it also symbolizes an awakening of energies and desires that can lead to healing and fulfillment.

Along with the other animals in the drawing, the Puma is framed by a circle of four points, which form a mandala – a mystic circular symbol that in Buddhist and Hindu traditions was used as an aid to meditation.  The psychologist Carl G. Jun said that the mandala circumscribed a holy place, was a symbol of completeness within the inner psyche, and was a means toward greater self-awareness.  He described the four points of the mandala to be “like the crossed threads in the telescope of our understanding.”


You are a beautiful, wise and loving soul who has braved the perils and difficulty of incarnation to be here on Earth and in service to humanity.  You uplift the energy and consciousness of others through the work that you do, whether you are aware of it or not.  There are billions of souls residing on the planet at this time, yet only a small number of them are here to help humanity evolve to its fullest potential – and you are one of those souls.  Who you are, is a gift to this world.  Even at the best of times it can be difficult to remember this; especially when being human feels so real.

Your connection to Spirit is much stronger than you think.  You are a living, breathing channel of the Divine.  It moves through you in all that you do.  It flows through the words that you speak, even when you don’t intend it to.  In every situation, you are a transmitter of the higher cosmic energies and wisdom.

It is those who have the greatest gifts who most often face the biggest challenges in life.  Hold your head up and keep your faith.  These challenges are the means to seeing and understanding the strength, wisdom, and compassion you hold within yourself.  On a higher level, your soul chose to have a direct experience of the trials you have faced.  Through each event, you have become better equipped and skilled, so that you in turn could help others.

You are a very special soul, with an important part to play in the healing and betterment of the people on this planet.  You are born to be in service to humanity through the Divine gifts and knowledge you have carried with you into this lifetime.  You are here to ignite the Light in others, to realize their own Divinity.

Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic comes when we are feeling a bit run down and tired, or if we are taking life too seriously.  Fairy Magic comes to brighten the day and to put some spring back into your step.  Fairies love to play, dance, and sing.  The enjoy being in the company of their friends and love social gatherings.  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.  Too much of the heavy stuff weighs our energy down.

Have you been working too much?  Maybe you’ve been feeling fatigued or lacking a zest for living.  Are you feeling the weight of responsibilities and obligations?  You could even be too focused on your spiritual and personal growth work.  This card will also come if you have been hard on yourself or trying too hard to accomplish a task.  It’s time to lighten up, to be lifted up, and enjoy life a little.  Get out and play.  Turn the radio up and sing your heart out.  Dance as though you were a teenager again.  Roll in the grass.  Buy yourself some flowers.  Get dressed up and have a night out with your friends.  Just do whatever it is that will help re-awaken the playful nature sleeping within you.

This is all about restoring the youthful, vibrant energy within.  The Elementals are here to assist you in grounding your energy back into the Earth, and to reconnect with nature and the animal kingdom.  They will help you rediscover your vitality.  You will start to feel better and more like your old self again.  You just may find this card will help again.  You just may find this card will help re-invigorate your intuitive channels and connection with the Divine being and spirits who are here to assist you.


There is an expression in English about words being printed in black and white.  By drawing this card, Spirit is affirming to you that you need to get your words written down on paper.

Is there something you have thought about writing? It could be poetry, a children’s book, a song, a letter, a website, a channeled message, a book, or even a speech.  Whatever it may be, the energy of putting your thoughts, ideas, and information into a tangible form of manifestation is here.  Do not put if off any longer.  If you are having doubts, that’s fine.  Just acknowledge them and take action anyway.  It’s important you do, as this is going to lead to something more. 

Your creative force and expression is powerful – probably more powerful than you are aware of.  What you have to say, share, and bring forward to others can be very influential and appreciated.  Trust yourself and the words that come to you.  Be mindful not to judge whether your writing seems good enough.  You just need to allow yourself to start.

If you have already begun the writing process, then it is important for you to receive this encouragement from your guides and angels, as you continue toward completion.  You can do this.  Your words are needed.  You are doing great.  Trust what is coming through you.  Trust that you were made to do this.  Just keep going.  Not everyone is born with the gift or purpose to write, but you were.  Now is your time to shine in doing this.

The Write card can also indicate a need to begin journaling.  This could be n the form of a diary.  However, it could also be that you need to start recording the ideas, thoughts and teachings you are receiving.  There is pertinent information in your written words.

I hope that these messages offer you what you needed to hear today.

Much love and many blessings,


Energy Blessings for 01-07-2020

No photo description available.

“As this heart opening occurs, true intimacy is born and two people meet within a single awareness.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 59

Gift:  Intimacy

Shadow:  Dishonesty

Siddhi:  Transparency

Programming Partner:  55 – Freedom

My Wisdom Story

“My parents had a strong chemistry, but their relationship was fraught with tension and conflict.  My father constantly complained about being trapped.  When he went out at night, my mother would bombard him with intrusive questions and throw fits when he wouldn’t fess up to his latest extramarital escapade.  Usually he’d go off in a huff, removing himself from family activities.  But instead of sharing how excluded he felt, the whole fiasco would repeat itself.

Throughout my childhood, my parents kept so many secrets and never came clean with their hurts.  I was a deep, shy, and introverted teen.  Unlike my siblings, I could never figure out how to interact with the opposite sex.  It all seemed so messy.  So I stayed home while my siblings dated, and felt excluded like my mother.  Even when they invited me along, or tried to set me up, I was convinced they just pitied me and didn’t want me there, so I refused.

As I got older, I developed friendships with men, but was never attracted to the nice ones.  When with someone I felt attracted to, usually a bad boy, I’d feel a surge of mistrust and shut down.  Until I met a man I couldn’t resist.  Our sexual chemistry was so powerful it felt spiritual.  For the first time, I fantasized about marriage and children.

He wasn’t a bad man, and I sincerely believe he cared about me.  But I couldn’t control my fears, or their control over me.  To avoid losing him, I hid aspects of who I was and played games to keep him interested.  I often doubted why he wanted to be with me, so I excluded myself from his social life, and then felt rejected.  Or, when I felt him slipping away, I’d try to prevent him from having a social life.  When he called me controlling, jealous and dishonest, I broke up with him.

It took me a long time to grieve the loss of that relationship, and to feel the terror beneath the sadness and anger that I’d been carrying with me since childhood.  That was the beginning of a long journey towards radical honesty with myself, and in my relationships.  Today, my beloved partner and I counsel couples, helping them own their fears, share their truth, open their ears and hearts to each other, without pulling or pushing away Intimacy is my greatest teacher, and my spiritual path.”

My Gift to You

It’s time to come clean with the people you love.  To be truly Intimate, you much be totally honest with yourself, and be willing to accept and express your deepest fears.  Understand, when you open a door to another person, you are letting go of control and opening yourself up to being influenced on a deep emotional level.  IF you carry wounds from the past, as most of us do, this can be scary.  Whether you fear being trapped or abandoned, do not judge your feelings.  You will be rewarded with unleashed creativity, beauty and sensuality, and the wonderful possibility of communing with another human being, in one field of awareness.  There’s no limit to what two open hearts can do together.

Questions for Contemplation

  •   Is your fear of being abandoned by a romantic partner keeping you from being honest?  From committing more fully?  Is it causing you to over-seduce or try to control your partner?
  • Is your fear of being trapped sabotaging a current (or potential) relationship?  Are you often planning your escape?
  • Do you sometimes feel excluded, or exclude yourself out of fear?
  • Are you often puzzled by the people you are attracted to?
  • Think of a time when you were courageously Transparent.  How were you received?  How did you feel?
  • Journal and reflect upon your biggest “relational edges” when it comes to trusting others.  How can you stretch yourself?

“It is always at the very end, when we have all but given up hope of redemption that liberation comes.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 55

Gift:  Freedom

Shadow:  Victimization

Siddhi:  Freedom

Programming Partner:  59 – Intimacy

My Wisdom Story

“From as early as I can remember, I was moody.  I constantly searched for outer reasons to explain my moods, and spent my entire youth chasing after everything and everyone I believed caused me joy, and avoiding or blaming those I held responsible for my pain.  As I matured, instead of longing for superficial “feel good” opportunities, I yearned to feel personally free, romantically fulfilled and spiritually enlightened.

So I embarked on a quest for the perfect soulmate, teacher, and heightened state of being.  I became a professional seeker, tantric whiz and workshop junkie.  I fell in and out of love with so many people, practices, and gurus I lost count.  When I was in love, I believed I was free.

But actually I was trapped and addicted to the never-ending hope of romance, the dream of liberation, the catharsis of drama.  I was hooked on disappointment, and how secretly great I felt complaining about my unending stream of bad luck.  The roller coaster had no end.  My emotions ruled me.  Even thought I could see and explain all of “my issues,” I was still hopelessly blind to the fact that I wasn’t taking responsibility for my life.  I was still giving my power away to something or someone “out there,” who could rescue me, or make me miserable.

In the end, it was all about me.  My love. My awakening. My happiness.  My disappointment.  It wasn’t until I met a woman who saw into the core of my victimization that my heart cracked open.  I could no longer hide from her, or myself.

It was through the intimacy of our relationship that I learned to face my deepest fears and most hidden agendas.  For the first time in my life, I rose in love instead of falling.  Not just with her, but with all of life.  I stopped complaining and blaming others.  No longer burdened by complicated stories and devastating dramas, I was free to feel much more deeply and fully, and to make decisions without agonizing and second-guessing.  No longer clinging to teachers or techniques, I started experiencing the kinds of synchronicities I’d always dreamed of.  Just naturally,  I did more of what I loved, writing songs, enjoying friends and spending time in nature.

Now people tend to relax around me.  They feel free to be who they are.  I now know deep in my soul that I am connected to all of life.

My Gift to You

I come to tell you that the Freedom you seek has nothing to do with what you do, what you understand or how you feel.  It has to do with the attitude you embrace, no matter what is happening within or around you.  Can you live your life without over-relying on outer paths, systems and structures to keep you safe?  Can you fully feel whatever you’re feeling, without getting lost in drama or the stories of the mind?  Can you experience a longing, without rushing to meet it, or escape it?  Can you find peace during painful moments?  Can you embrace not knowing?  Can you simply be?  Freedom is yours the moment you give up the thought that someone else is responsible for your life, or that you are separate from life.  Practice transparency and radical self-acceptance, and you will discover your magnificence.

Questions for Contemplation

  •   Where are you your own worst enemy?
  • What and who do  you tend to complain most about, or blame?
  • Where do you most feel like a victim? Be honest.
  • What systems or structures do you find yourself relying on, or hiding behind?  What might happen if you let them go?
  • Think of a time in your life you felt Free and empowered.  How would you describe your overall attitude at the time?
  • Go one day without complaining or blaming, see what happens.

I hope that these offerings are what you needed for today.

Much love and many blessings,