I am an Intuitive (clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, precognitive, etc.) and an Empath. In numerology I’m an 11 Life Path. I was born to walk my Path as an ordained Shamanka Medicine Woman. I’ve been a practitioner of shamanism for 25 years. My gifts, formal education, and hands-on skills include: Aromatherapy, Flower essences, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Crystals and Herbs, Reflexology, Tarot, Runes, Animal Guides, Angel Guides, Astrology, Healing with Sound, Shadow Healing, and Soul Retrieval. I am a certified ReUnion Process facilitator which allows clients to address past life, current life, and inherited ancestral energies that need to be healed at the quantum/soul level. I love my Path and I get excited, again and again, to be here – doing this work – and sharing the Light with others.

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