Energy Blessings for 02-07-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-07-2020

Divine Guidance:  Self-Portrait

It’s time to look inside of yourself and see what you can see in the darkness.  The Jaguar is the dark huntress of the night – she sees and hears things that are not visible or available during the day.  She is specially camouflaged for stalking her prey and finding what she seeks.

Do you have the courage to seek out your own inner landscape – are you willing to look for what’s lurking in your Shadows?  Are you ready to bring what you find into the light or will you continue to hide it away from others?  You’re not alone on this journey – but only you can do the work that needs to be done.

The Jaguar knows that she must kill to survive and it is this SELF inner knowledge and understanding that allows her to look at her world through the eyes of gratitude and compassion.   Everything is a gift.

Additional Guidance:  Innocence ~ Integrity ~ Feline

Innocence – Too often, we carry around the extra baggage of guilt and shame.  This card has come to you today because it is time to release these feelings.  The Universe sees your innocence and is asking that you begin to see it too.

These long-held beliefs are buried within your core and they are interfering with your progression.  It’s time to release any shame you carry about who you are, or guilt over actions you did or did not do.  These old values only lead you to question whether you are good enough, deserving, or worthy.  What if I had done more?  Been more?  What if I hadn’t done that?  Why did I say that or do that?  They make you question if you, as a person are enough. 

But the Universe sees you as perfect in every way.  You need to see your own innocence, no matter what you may have done or when.  This is the first step to healing your heart and spirit.  It’s a necessary step in moving forward and claiming your place in this world.  This one simple act will allow the seeds of self-forgiveness and self-love to blossom within.  The innocence card may also come if it is time to see the innocence in another person.  It’s important to delve below the surface of any feelings of anger, hurt, or disappointment.  Within your heart, allow yourself to see the innocence in the other person’s actions or behaviors.  This can bring profound healing and may even help you to see your own innocence.

Integrity – This card comes to you today because your own sense of integrity is strong.  Do not doubt yourself or allow someone else to shake you with accusations, should that be the case.

Your integrity demands that you do what feels right.  This is because your integrity is directly connected to your spiritual sense of direction – much like a compass.  It helps you align with the Divine plan and take right action.  One of Spirit’s ways of guiding us is through our integrity.  It’s important for you to remember that whatever action you have taken, it was with the best of intention, regardless of the outcome.  At the end of the day, it’s between you and God – no one else.  Keep that in mind.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  It only matters what you think.

Your heart is good.  Do not allow any outside influence to leave you questioning it.  Spirit doesn’t.  Carry on doing what you are doing.  Just stay true to what you feel is right.  That is all anyone can ever ask of you.

Often the Integrity card comes to those who are here to do important work on Spirit’s behalf.  These people are strongly guided by their integrity.  You are one of them.  And sometimes, your strengths and gifts are tested so you can discover for yourself, just how strong they are within you.

This card may also come to you if you are trying to deal with someone who is out of alignment with their personal integrity.  Regardless of what takes place, do not deviate from your own sense of integrity as you deal with the situation.  And do not attempt to fix or change the other person.  Send them love and forgive them as best you can, while you remain strong in your own truth and integrity.

Feline – Perhaps it feels as though nothing is happening for you at the moment.  Life does have its lulls and downtime.  The Feline card has come to let you know that in just a short time, the action is going to kick in.  Get ready for it.

The energy of the cat is strong within the fractal image.  And the cat has a strong message for you as well.  While it may feel as if you are not making any progress in your life at this moment, everything is in its perfect order.  Cats love their sleep, and this is a cue for you to take this time to really rest.

The feline card might also indicate a need to have a massage or body work.  Being rubbed and touched by a set of caring hands can do wonders for your body and spirit as well.

Another aspect of cat energy is play time.  The feline card is asking that you get plenty of it.  When you do go out, make sure that you do the things which really bring you joy.  Have fun and enjoy this quiet period in your life.

Things are not going to remain still for much longer.  You are about to take a giant leap forward in you life.  Just as a cat sits perfectly still in the grass as it watches its prey, you are also being asked to allow the stillness.  When everything aligns and the timing is right, your instincts are going to tell you it is time to leap.  And when you do, you will bound higher and farther than you ever thought you could.  Your aim will be precise, landing you directly on that which you have had in your sights.

So take the time now to play around.  Enjoy the quiet as you mentally focus on where you want to go in your life.  The next big burst of energy is going to take you there in a single powerful leap!

I pray that these messages find you where you are and offering you something to carry with you on your Journey!

Much love and many blessings,


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