Energy Blessings for 02-04-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02-04-2020

Guiding Presence ~ Heron & Spider ~

Heron Symbology:  life ~ feminine energy ~ renewal

The Heron is a bird of the water and is thus associated with feminine energy and regeneration.  In ancient Egypt, the heron was the first transformer of the human soul after death.  Because it was seen flight over the fields when the Nile began to flood, it was associated with fertility and the renewal of life.  In the Roman epic The Aeneid, the heron is again a symbol of renewal and is depicted rising from the ashes of the burned city of Anlea.

Spider Symbology:  protection ~ aid ~ wisdom

Spiders are found throughout the world and appear in the legends of nearly all peoples.  They are frequently depicted as helpers, protectors, and creators.  The Ojibwa people hand hoops of spider webs over their infants to protect them from harmful influences.  Other Native American peoples, particularly those of the Southwest, associate spider with a grandmother spirit who lives underground.  The spider grandmother is a source of wisdom and a link to the underworld.  She rises from her realm to offer advice, particularly before a dangerous or large undertaking.

The spider woman in this painting, draped in a thick robs, with flowing hair, and with a ghostly face, recalls the legends of the ancient Grandmother.

Additional Blessings:  Knowledge ~ Contact ~ Immunity

Knowledge:  Knowledge is a gift that is meant to be shared with others.  Most often this card comes to those who are teachers or those who facilitate the transference of information to others in some way.  The Knowledge card is here to re-affirm the understanding that you play an important role in bringing through information, teachings, and higher learning to others.  You help others to advance through what you have to share.

This is a gift.  If you have been doubting yourself or your abilities, then it is time to let that go.  Trust yourself and what it is you have to offer.  As a tool of Spirit, you are here to help raise the consciousness and awareness of others on this planet.

Often times, it is those who are born to teach and exchange knowledge, who doubt they have anything worthwhile to share.  This is the very reason the Knowledge card has come to you today.

It is time to step out of your own way – to let go of your doubts or fears about claiming YOU.  You were born to take up spce here.  You were born to share what you have.  Spirit is acknowledging this for you to help encourage you onward.

Look carefully at the fractal image on the card and you will see an energy line coming straight from the top, down into the crown chakra of the being.  It then continues to flow through, and out of the being.  This represents you.  Spirit is attempting to show you that what you have to teach comes directly from above, from the Universe.  It is intended to be delivered to and shared with the world.  To doubt your knowledge, is to doubt Spirit.  Trust what you have.  Know you can do this.  Spirit is backing you on this and encouraging you to embrace the teacher you are born to be.

Contact:  Life’s great synchronicities and the alignment of fateful events is very dependent on our contact and connections with other people.  You have drawn this card today because it is important for you to make contact with someone in particular in your life.  This one-on-one communication could be by phone, email, test message, or in-person.  In whatever way that contact happens, it is important that you reach out.

Sometimes we resist or procrastinate doing the very things that will help to move us along our path.  The Contact card is asking that you look at whatever resistance you may have, and gently push yourself forward to do what needs to be done.  Perhaps you need to contact someone and deal with an emotional issue you would rather avoid.  Maybe you have neglected speaking with a family member, loved one, or friend.  Do you need to get past your fear of making a business call?  Spirit is asking that you be brave and make contact with a certain individual.  The stagnant energy that is being held through your resistance needs to be released and cleared.  This will help to aid in the flow of new energy, healing, empowerment, and manifestation in your life.  Energetically, you will be free to set-up and align the next step of your journey.

This card can also indicate that there is a very important person coming along in your life, with whom you are about to connect.  Be present within yourself when meeting anyone new over the next week or two.  Be mindful of the energy surrounding anyone you connect with – especially if it is unexpected or synchronistic, as this person could be playing an important role in your future.

Immunity:  The Immunity card comes when we are feeling as though we are under attack.  You may be experiencing disagreements or arguments.  Perhaps you are feeling belittled, unworthy, or misunderstood.  Whatever the case may be, there is a feeling of the need to protect yourself.  Sometimes, these feelings may not even involve an individual person, but are perceived from the world at large.

It’s important that you stay grounded at this time and not fall into old patterns of behaviors or reactions.  This is an opportunity to deal with your feelings and the situation, in a healthier way.  You are not responsible for what others say, think, believe, or feel.  You do not have to own it or try to fix or change anything, in an attempt to appease them.  Every person on this planet is responsible for their own behavior.

The Immunity card offers you a layer of protection from the negative energy surrounding the situation, so that you can respond and take action in a positive manner.  This also helps you to see the bigger picture and how to resolve the matter in a way that ensures the highest good for all involved.

Just as  your physical body builds its immune system, energetically you are building a healthy response system to negative experiences and people.  You will not be affected in the same way should this type of situation occur again in the future.

You will gain a healthy form of protection on the inside and no longer need to energetically wear a shell of protection on the outside.  Those around you will feel the shift in your energy as you become more accepting and open to letting others into your personal world.

There’s a lot here today to take in, but I hope that you will find what you need to carry with you!

Much love and many blessings,


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