Energy Blessings for 02-03-2020

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Energy Blessings for 02.03.2020

“The secret of the Gift of Integrity is to be able to hold your own space without reacting to your judgements or self-judgements.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 18

Gift:  Integrity

Shadow:  Judgement

Siddhi:  Perfection

Programming Partner:  17 – Far-sightedness

My Wisdom Story

“From a young age, I knew something was wrong with the way women were treated in my society.  My father talked down to my mother, and she let him.  Then she’d fret and complain behind his back.  But she never spoke up for herself, and encouraged the same sense of inferiority in me.

In my teens, I became angry.  I saw her life as sad and pathetic, and promised myself I’d never be an oppressed woman.  So I rejected all things ‘mother.’  I spoke my mind, broke the rules and took on the world.  I became an independent, staunch feminist, refusing to be patronized.  It got to a point where my father threatened to disown me.  My mother tried to calm the waters, but deep down she felt ashamed of her unruly daughter.

I left the country and built a new life as an activist and artist.  When my parents visited, I’d watch my father condescend, and my mother make nice.  I felt superior to both of them, either rolling my eyes or flying off the handle.  I didn’t realize just how victimized I felt by my mother’s victimization until I was invited to a friend’s house to meet her parents.  Like mine, they came from a traditional background.  The father dominated the conversation.  The mother nodded and smiled.  But somehow my friend was still able to enjoy them, and herself.  Her kindness, and her acceptance of their limitations, brought out the best in them.

I began to judge myself for having judged my mother so harshly, and for not seeing how similar to my father I’d become.  Despite all we’d put her through, my mother kept treating us with respect and gentleness, never losing her temper.  For the first time in my life, I saw the strength in her vulnerability.  Though she could still benefit from standing up for herself, she had a capacity for compassion and compromise that I desperately needed.  Thanks to her, I’ve devoted my life to helping people understand and work through their childhoods, so that can open their hearts and live with Integrity.”

My Gift to You

“I am here to help you complete your childhood.  It take courage to uncover the wounds from your past.   As you release yourself from the messages and modeling that no longer serve you, you will be free to see and receive the gifts from your parents, with a soft compassionate heart.  When you are truly in your Integrity, it won’t be possible to take the judgements of others personally, or to identify as a victim – of yourself or anyone else.  This is not a path to be walked alone, so reach out for support.  Allow a friend, therapist, mentor or spiritual counselor to accompany you as you revisit those painful experiences that hardened your heart, made you feel inferior or superior, or kept you from expressing yourself freely and connecting deeply.  Over time, you will learn to judge not from the mind, but from the heart.”

Questions for Contemplation

  • Where do you tend to feel inferior, or superior, to others?  Who are you being hard on, even if you don’t like to admit it?
  • Where is self-judgement most alive in your life?  Who are you negatively comparing yourself to?
  • In what ways does your self-judgement keep you from owing and honoring your own inner authority?
  • What does Integrity mean to you?  Name one thing you can do today to feel more in your Integrity.
  • How can Perfection be an inspiration in your life, rather than a driving force to an unattainable ideal?

“Far-sightedness can be said to arise directly out of the heart rather than from the mind.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 17

Gift:  Far-sightedness

Shadow:  Opinion

Siddhi:  Omniscience

Programming Partner:  18 – Integrity

My Wisdom Story

“My parents needed me to accomplish great things, for the sake of our people.  Even before school, I was quizzed and readied for intellectual excellence.  Fact-gathering, test-taking and structured debating were praised, while irrational emotions were discouraged.  My detail-prone eyes were trained to detect flaws.  My critical, opinionated mind was honed on making comparisons, always pulling out the right fact to back up any theory.

My intellect served me well, as I became a good student, lawyer, then social critic.  I did my research until I was certain about good, bad, right and wrong.  My opinions were always on the side of justice and became increasingly humanitarian.  To everyone I seemed unusually confident.

But deep down, I was serious, self-critical and took everything personally.  I constantly compared myself to others, fearing they were more knowledgeable and accomplished.  I had a deeply held opinion that without my achievements, I was unlovable.  So I created an impenetrable shield and refused to use anything but logic to discuss anything, even in relational and emotional situations.  Beneath my seemingly open-minded and progressive views, I was angry.  I held onto my opinions like a fundamentalist.  I lost friends over disagreements.  But when I lost the love of my life over a stupid argument, I woke up.  And from that moment on, my mind became the loyal, brilliant servant of my loving heart.”

My Gift to You

“I am here to remind you that nothing – no opinion, theory, dogma or belief – is more important that love.  The only way to liberate yourself from the unhealthy grip of an opinionated life is to develop a sense of humor.  True Farsightedness requires that you don’t take yourself too seriously, or what anyone says too personally.  Laugh more.  It’s not about shutting down your brilliant mind, ignoring the patterns that you see or giving up on improving the world.  But it is about being able to and willing to see (and feel) every aspect of the whole simultaneously.  Have all the opinions you want.  But remember, you are not your opinions.  You are so much more.  You are a scientist of the heart, here to contribute your part to the future of humanity by seeing the small and the big picture, all at once.”

Questions for Contemplation

  • Where are you being too hard on yourself?  How can you be more gentle?
  • Where do you actually have an opinion, but are afraid of sharing it?  Where in your life could you use a backbone?
  • Where do you tent to be hard on others? Are your strong opinions getting in the way of your relationships? Do you ever get caught up in defending your opinions, or trying to convert people to see things your way?
  • Who is a person you admire for his or her Farsightedness, or capacity to see the big picture?
  • What does Omniscience mean to you?
  • Find the opposite of a strong opinion of yours.  Sincerely look for evidence to prove this contrasting viewpoint.  Stay open to what you learn.

Additional messages:  Commitment ~ Power ~ Contact

Commitment:  You are being asked to make some sort of a commitment.  It is both a promise and a responsibility.  This could be in connection with a relationship; such as moving in together, deciding to get married or having a child.  The Commitment card can also point to other types of commitment such as; starting a new business, planning a vacation with friends, signing up for classes, or taking on any type of long-term project.

This commitment is a binding one, and you will not be able to get out of it easily should you change your mind later.  This is signified by the bow-like symbol in the fractal image on the card.  Whatever the case may be, this commitment does hold soul lessons and was planned before you came here.  This does not mean that it is either good or bad, but simply means that this is a fated event.  You, and the others involved in the situation, are fulfilling your soul agreements with each other.

This card can also be calling you to make a serious commitment to yourself, whether it is to lose weight, quit smoking, start a yoga class, or go for some healing sessions.  You may also need to re-assess any previous commitments you have made to discern whether they are still right for you.

It would also be wise to look closely at the commitments others have made to you and assess whether they are fulfilling their promise.  It might be time to release them from their commitment.

You may be wavering in your decision about a certain commitment.  Lean towards the idea that this might actually be the right thing for you to do.  Spirit usually replies to the things which are most important to us at the moment.  This card can act as a validation that you are heading in the right direction.

Power – the Power card rules the third chakra, the solar plexus chakra.  This where we experience our own sense of personal power.  If you have drawn this card today, it is because Spirit is asking that you focus on your own sense of personal power – and claim it.  Have you been hiding your power or afraid to own it?  Have you been feeling powerless or fearing you aren’t strong enough?  It’s time to focus on your solar plexus, and start to build your sense of personal power.

Sometimes there can be a drain from our solar plexus, because we are unintentionally corded to another person – most often in close relationships.  This energetic cord runs directly from out third chakra and attaches to the other person.  We unknowingly let other siphon off our power.  This can happen if we are enabling or trying to please someone.  It can also happen if we fear losing the love of that person or if we feel attacked in some way.  It is time for you to look closely at why this has happened to you and to ask your guides and angels to assist you with cutting that cord.

This card also comes if we are in fear of claiming our power; of standing tall and showing the world exactly who we are.  Most often, we have had experiences in our early years where we personally witnessed the misuse of power or had someone attempt to diminish our own.

That was in the past though, and you know how power is not to be used.  You also know that not claiming your own power does not serve you.  It’s time for you to claim YOU – to claim your life, and claim the fact that you are a powerful, incredible soul.

Contact – Life’s great synchronicities and the alignment of fateful events is very dependent on our contact and connections with other people.  You have drawn this card today because it is important for you to make contact with someone in particular in your life.  This one-on-one communication could be by phone, email, test message, or in-person.  In whatever way that contact happens, it is important that you reach out.

Sometimes we resist or procrastinate doing the very things that will help to move us along our path.  The Contact card is asking that you look at whatever resistance you may have, and gently push yourself forward to do what needs to be done.  Perhaps you need to contact someone and deal with an emotional issue you would rather avoid.  Maybe you have neglected speaking with a family member, loved one, or friend.  Do you need to get past your fear of making a business call?  Spirit is asking that you be brave and make contact with a certain individual.  The stagnant energy that is being held through your resistance needs to be released and cleared.  This will help to aid in the flow of new energy, healing, empowerment, and manifestation in your life.  Energetically, you will be free to set-up and align the next step of your journey.

This card can also indicate that there is a very important person coming along in your life, with whom you are about to connect.  Be present within yourself when meeting anyone new over the next week or two.  Be mindful of the energy surrounding anyone you connect with – especially if it is unexpected or synchronistic, as this person could be playing an important role in your future.

I hope that in what is offered here today you are able to find something to take with you on your path.

Much love and many blessings,


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