Energy Blessings for 01-31-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-30-2020

Overall Energy Message: The Gift ~ “Owl Woman”

“Cooling from the heat of the day under the starry night.  Feeling broken, seeking peace, in the Solstice moon so bright.  A voice from within spoken word, she begins, ‘Walk with me barefoot, connected with the Earth. Pray with me. Imagine. Dream a new birth.  We’re old and we’re wise and we’ve been here before.  See clear, precious daughter.  It’s time.  Open the door.’ “ ~ Cher Lyn

Owl Woman is an ancestor from the stars.  Cloaked in pale violet blue reflecting the light of the moon.  She hands you The Gift of an ancient seed.  Cultivate and let it grow within to help you remember the wisdom of what has been forgotten.  Cherish this precious Gift with intention.  Let it connect you to a higher truth of who you are.

Energy, as Albert Einstein stated, cannot ever be destroyed but it can be transformed if you have buried deep within you a painful experience, unknowingly you will continue to re-create similar feelings to the original hurt.  This is your soul’s way of trying to get you to look at the original hurt so you can heal and find the reward in its transformation.  These types of transformations are laced with absolute magic.

If you haven’t made peace with a past experience, The Gift of power then remains hidden and unavailable to you until you can allow for awareness to then let it go.  Memories of painful experiences keep you from looking at them more closely due to fear of what they hold and that they may repeat.  What you resist persists.  Reclaim your power by facing that what you have been neglecting.  In the composted fertile soil, cultivate a metamorphosis and actualize higher states of divine consciousness.

The Gift medicine card suggests that you have entered the process of moving closer to your true spirituality through letting go of past hurts and painful experiences that have been repeating over and over.  Find The Gift and be freed from carrying the imprint of that trauma into your future.  These gifts become magical threads in the tapestry of your Being.

Perseverance ~ “Still I Rise”

“Twas the hardest thing to do, be myself under that rule.  Burning rage red-hot fire, I am not a slave nor I aspire.  Bury the cross and my loved ones lost.  I Persevere through white man’s fear.” ~ Cher Lyn

In the painting “Still I Rise,” you see an African male slave, taken from his mother country, beaten, and treated with unspeakable acts of cruelty.  Still he Perseveres strong, for his culture is rooted in the Tree of Life, anchored vision he reflects on his homeland, he and his mother together beat the drum in ceremony calling his spirit home as she dances over the sun.  Healing blue waters flow cooling the red-hot pain of the whip and transforming the burning cross of rage.  He holds an African black eagle, resuscitating him back to life as the phoenix rises from the ashes.

Life can be hard with many painful lessons.  Sometimes it feels as though it will never end.  For a time there is nothing more you can do than to breathe and know “this too shall pass.”  In the dark tunnel of suffering acknowledge others who have carried on through unimaginable torment.  Brave ones rise from the ashes like the phoenix to find that the gift of Perseverance is freedom.  Physical, emotional, or spiritual, it is freedom you come to know through Perseverance.  Know that with every thought, word, feeling, and action you are either adding to your suffering or nurturing with a healing touch.

Your prayers, intentions, surrender, and trust in the Divine Will of Creatrix does matter.  Take steps to transform what needs adjustment, clear your plate of that which does not serve you.  Receive help, forgive and embrace all of you.

The medicine of this card is asking you to know this suffering will pass and never give up.  Think of an oak tree growing out of a rock with little or no soil.  So determined to live.  This is Perseverance, this is the power of life.  This is Mother Goddess/Father God, the sun, and the love light giving life.  This is YOU shining through despite circumstances.

Sacred Union ~ “Twin Soul”

“Sacred Union…Love…Communion…Souls in Union touch the sky…Their root are Holy I’ll tell you why…Through their dream they’ve found each other…Trusted friend…Companion…Lover…” ~ Cher Lyn

In the painting of “Twin Soul” you see the Tree of Life.  The way the roots have grown they create an upside down pyramid representing the feminine aspects of one’s self.  The tree is as two bodies joined together in Sacred Union.  Together they create a heart.  Above in the branches a Buddha figure meditates.  He sits in the lotus position creating a pyramid pointing upright representing the masculine aspects of self.  There is a flame at his sacred heart and above his head representing his Source.  The stairways are pathways home.

Your first marriage must be a symbolic one of self-love and commitment.  Give attention to your own emotional needs, this act of self-love eventually gives you the tools to love and accept others unconditionally.  If you are in the habit of neglecting yourself emotionally, you become toxic.  This toxicity is brought into all your relationships.

Have you stayed in a relationship too long while waiting for the other to change?  Have you fallen in love with a projection, rather than as they are in the now with all their human frailties?  If the love that you are to give an receive is to be worthwhile, it has to be unconditional.

The longing for a perfect mate is engraved in our DNA.  We harbor a desire for return and unity and search for the piece that is always missing.  Love is not a mere sentiment, it is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of Creation.  Spiritual partners in the understanding of a Sacred Union recognize each other and their souls, consistently striving to further their evolution together.  You bring a piece of the puzzle for each other, offering up that which needs to be healed.  You support each other’s needs for spiritual expansion.  This is love unconditional.

In drawing this card you could be embarking upon the commitment of a Sacred Union, two souls joined together for the purpose of spiritual growth.  Or look at the one you are in.  Is it Sacred?  Is it time to merge these masculine and feminine energies more within yourself?

Medicine Power ~ “Crazy Horse”

“Eagle awakens vision eye, Medicine power, ancient master wise.  Spin the cosmic portal…Unveil the secrets to be immortal.” ~ Cher Lyn

In the painting of “Crazy Horse,” one side of his head is donned with a white eagle feather, a sign of pure power bridging the spirit world to the physical plane here on Earth.  On the other side is blazing firepower for transformation.  Crazy Horse possessed Medicine Power as a prophet, seer, leader, and spiritual healer.  He had the ability to commune with spirits dwelling on all levels of Creation.  His face painted with the six-pointed star is a key of ancients cultures, Sacred Geometry come together and in itself is a Medicine Power.  Conveying balance of the masculine and feminine within the infinite circle.

The dictionary acknowledges medicine as a synonym for magic, relating to magical forms of healing.  Medicine Power doesn’t only represent healing the body from illness, but includes the design of finding all things of the Earth and Cosmos a gift.  Some indigenous American teachers use the word medicine to describe inexplicable forces beyond human perception.  Medicine Power can be a stone, bone, plant, animal, or even a paintbrush, pencil, and crayons.  Everything is alive with spirit and potential medicine.  Love is the most powerful Medicine.  Your Medicine Power is innately always in you without a talisman, still a talisman helps you remember.

Wake up, take notice, and watch for omens and signs for the gifts of Medicine Power are always available to you.  Don’t be fooled by medicine just because it seems small to your ego, the ant is a very powerful medicine messenger.

Drawing the Medicine Power card is not to be taken lightly.  Watch for signs.  This card signifies an important medicine gift coming your way.  In your heart, you have all the Medicine Power you need ot heal your world.

I hope that these messages today offer you something to carry with you on your Path!

Much love and many blessings,


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