Energy Blessings for 01-24-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-24-2020

Guiding messages for today:

“There is no situation on earth that cannot be used as a means to raise your frequency and open your heart to your inner Divinity.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 33 ~ Mindfulness

Gift:  Mindfulness

Shadow:  Forgetting

Siddhi:  Revelation

Programming Partner:  Number 19 – Sensitivity

My Wisdom Story

“My mother was an angry woman, always censoring my father, claiming to help him by telling him how to be, what to do.  Most of the time he just took it.  But sometimes he’d explode, and it scared me.  All I wanted was to get away from the tension and find peace.  One day, a monk came through our town.  I was only four years old, but I clung to his leg and wouldn’t let go.  It was like I had always known him.  He asked my parents for permission to take me with him to the monastery, and they agreed – even though I could see that it broke their hearts.

I spent the next many years living in silence, living far away from people.  My days were spent meditating and tending to the tasks of the monastery, and trying to forget where I came from.  All I wanted was to attain liberation and leave the world of illusion.

I was a reserved man, who most of the time felt safe, calm and at peace.  Until one week, for the first time since I was a young boy, my parents came to the monastery.  My whole body recoiled, my heart raced and I felt flooded by an intensity of feelings I had long forgotten.  My teacher quickly stepped in.  In a stern voice, he told me to be compassionate towards my parents, and to tame my ego.  In a way I’d never done before, I raised my voice in anger at my teacher, defending myself against attack, as if her were my mother, telling me what to do, how to be.  And suddenly, as the heat infused my cheeks, I Remembered.

The anger I felt wasn’t about my teacher, or my parents.  This story I was living out, this suffering that flooded my whole body, was as old as time itself.  So I watched my blood boil, and felt my heart break.  Then I looked at my parents, now in old, tired bodies, and saw pain and confusion in their eyes.  That visit marked a turning point in my life, and the end of my stay at the monastery.  I was ready to remember and reclaim all that I was, am and ever will be.  It was time to return to the beautiful, messy world.”

My Gift to You

“I am here to help you Remember.  And to release you from the prison of your emotional life.  Even if you want to speed up enlightenment, you can’t.  So give yourself plenty of permission…to think, to feel, to desire, to react, to hide.  Let nothing be forbidden.  All I ask is that you be Mindful of what you do.  The first step in awakening is realizing that you’ve been asleep.  So do not try to change your patterns or passions.  Just recognize them.  “Ah, there I go again.”  Catch yourself forgetting your true nature.  Learn to feel increasingly comfortable with discomfort.  In time, you will naturally come to realize that something more wondrous than you can imagine is looking through your eyes, thinking through your mind and living through your actions.  In the end, all of Life shall remember Itself through you.  And all that you’ll experience is the Revelation of the eternal Now.”

Questions for Contemplation

  • How do you avoid intimacy? Do you hide behind your work, a spiritual practice, or a philosophy?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself offering unasked-for advice or criticism, or surprised by others’ reactions to what you say?
  • If you weren’t worried about being unenlightened, what feeling, desire, or need might you more easily see and own?
  • Practice Mindfulness today.  Simply watch your thoughts, impulses, and actions, without trying to change, re-direct, or censor them.  Notice which ones are most difficult for you to look upon with neutral compassion.

“The gift of sensitivity is about being highly attuned to the needs of others.  In order to sense others and their needs, you must first become independent from them.” ~ Richard Rudd

Number 19 ~ Sensitivity

Gift:  Sensitivity

Shadow:  Co-Dependence

Siddhi:  Sacrifice

Programming Partner:  Number 33 – Mindfulness

My Wisdom Story

“I was born in the old country, where men took care of the money, women took care of the children, adults took care of the elders, and God took care of all of us.  Traditions and customs made up the fabric of our lives, and we didn’t question them.  When my girls were little, my sensitivity was welcome.  They’d have a need, and I’d meet it.  For every runny nose, I had a tissue; for every cold, hot soup; and for every tear, a bosom to cry on.

But as they grew older, and as the world changed around us, my ability to sense what they felt and needed was shrinking.  I’d give them good advice, and they’d accuse me of not listening.  I’d cook them a nourishing meal, and they’d say it was unhealthy.  I’d arrange for them to meet a nice boy, and they’d refuse to come out of the room.  I’d even pray to God that He’d protect them, and they’d challenge He even existed.  When the moved out, I called them every day.  The called me co-dependent, saying they didn’t want my worry.  No matter how hard I tried to love them and be a good mother, no matter how often I told them how much I suffered in their absence, it didn’t work.  They just distanced themselves more and called me the needy one.

Finally, I did the unthinkable.  I turned my back on my own children.  If they didn’t need me, then I didn’t need them!  For a long time I isolated myself and was miserable, sure I had failed as a mother.  But eventually my friends dragged me out of the house.  A class here, a walk there.  Then I started having the strangest dreams where animals would come talk to me.  Soon, to my shock, the spirits of dead relatives and friends started showing up in my living room, bringing messages for me to pass along.

Word got out about my extrasensory gifts.  Friends and neighbors started coming to me with their depressed pets, wilting plants, and unresolved grief.  I became quite a phenomenon in the neighborhood.  Even my girls were intrigued.  Now they come over all the time.  I’m having so much fun with my own surprising life that I let them have fun with theirs, in their own way.  They even eat my food, and take my advice now and then, when they ask for it!”

My Gift to You

“I am here to celebrate your Sensitivity, and all of the ways that you are attuned to the feeling and needs of the people in your life.  Being of service is a wonderful thing.  That said, when you offer  your support, make sure that you are coming from a good place.  Make sure that you are happy with your own life, and that you are not just trying to get your own needs met by meeting the needs of others.  I can guarantee you, people can smell hidden agendas.  If you are isolating yourself because of hurt feelings, it’s time to reach out for support.  Your heart is too big and beautiful to close off for too long.”

Questions for Your Contemplation

  • Are you sacrificing too much because of your need to be needed?
  • What signals does your body give you when you’ve been giving too much?
  • Are you denying a real need of yours, because depending on another feels scary?
  • Do you isolate yourself, and then resent people for not supporting you?
  • Are  you clinging to your independence? What are you afraid might happen if you let yourself need someone, or truly lean on them?
  • How can you find a balance between caring for yourself and caring for others?  What is healthy Sensitivity?  Healthy Sacrifice?

Additional Messages:

Defeated ~ Crossroads ~ Strength

You may feel defeated financially or emotionally at this time.  Eliminate waste and be more practical.  Nor more credit.  Review unnecessary expenditures.

You are at a crossroads in your life and the choices you make now must be practical and not emotional.  You are not at a dead-end.  You are free to choose the direction in which you want to go.

There is a possibility that you are surrounded by obstacles, but you will find extra strength coming to you at this time.  Faith will guide you through the storm.

I pray that these messages offer you what you needed on your Path today.

Much love and many blessings,


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