Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020

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Energy Blessings for 01-23-2020

Blessings from Demeter & Artemis

Demeter – is an ancient Greek Great Mother goddess, a goddess of life and death.  The Greeks emphasized her role as goddess of the cultivated earth, the giver of fruitfulness and abundance and provider of the gift of agriculture.  She and her daughter Persephone, called by the Greeks “the Goddesses,” together represent the continuous cycle of life and death, the two phases of the vegetative power of the Earth.  Demeter is remembered primarily for her great love for her daughter – when Persephone was abducted by Hades, Demeter’s grief caused the whole earth to go barren.  Here we see Demeter ready to give birth, to produce life.

Demeter offers a blessing of fruitfulness and possibility, of coming joy, of abundant life, and of hope.

Artemis – the archaic mistress of animals, probably dates back to Paleolithic times.  Her realm is the wilderness, and her concern extends to all wild, untamed things.  She presides over the hunt and is the goddess of hunters.  Fiercely individualistic and independent, she remains apart from relationship to men.  Despite her fierceness she is addressed as a healing and soothing goddess.  Protector of births, she alleviates the suffering of women in childbirth.  She is also responsible for the initiation of young girls.  Artemis is a wonderful symbol of female independence.  She reminds us of the value of solitude and the importance of wild, unprotected places.  She shows us those frightening places that bring healing even through fear.

Additional Messages: Clematis ~ Marigold ~ Peach Tree

Clematis ~ Also known as “Virgin’s Bower,” the clematis plant is a creeper with a stunningly beautiful flower that adorns home and garden walls in late spring.  It seeks lights and needs little encouragement to grown.  It always attaches itself to something to support it.

Clematis is a remedy in homeopathy and the Bach Flower system for helping highly sensitive people who are both imaginative and intuitive.  In homeopathy it is used to treat emotionally charged people and give them inner stability and strength.

It is excellent for PMS and other symptoms and disorders of the female reproductive system.  It is also used to treat irritation of the mucous membranes, such as the eyes and urethra, as well as glands such as the testes, breasts, and ovaries.  It has been a useful remedy for the treatment of frigidity, sleep disturbances, and neuralgic pain.

Esoteric meaning – sensitivity

The esoteric significance of clematis is sensitivity to life.  Sensitivity is a great gift when used for healing and transformation.  To harness one’s sensitivity and place it in the service of consciousness requires dedication and skill.

Affirmation:  “My sensitivity opens me to the healing light within me.”

Marigold ~ The simple little flower of the marigold is perhaps the greatest healer in the flower world.  It has the capacity to heal wounds and promote regeneration of cells rapidly and completely.

Marigold is called Calendula in homeopathy.  It is made into a lotion, a tincture, or a salve for use on all wounds where the skin is broken, such as diaper rash, cradle cap, insect bites, or skin ulcers.  It is also helpful for treating pain that is excessive and debilitating.  Taken internally, Calendula can counter excess mucus production.  It is also excellent as part of cancer treatment and works well to calm nervous, easily frightened people.

In herbalism, marigold treats gallbladder disorders, inflammation of the bladder, and disorders of the uterus and other parts of the female reproductive system.  It is also used to soften hard skin and treat warts and corns.

Calendula oil is used in aromatherapy to increase blood circulation and to support the skin, liver, heart and lungs.  Because it increases sweating, it can be used to break a fever.  Marigold juice is used in cosmetics.

Esoteric meaning:  Healing essence

The power to heal, which is a part of all things found in nature, is especially powerful in marigolds.  We all have the gift of healing within us.  Our sense of self, our love of freedom, and our desire for beauty and peace are all part of who we are.

Affirmation:  “I honor my healing potential and respect the Source from which it comes.”

Peach Tree ~ the peach tree came from Persia and was used for its fruit and exotic dishes made from the fruit.  Peaches have always been synonymous with beautiful complexions and are even used to make special moisturizers.

In homeopathy, the remedy made from the peach tree is called Amygdalus Persica.  It is used to treat vomiting, including morning sickness, as well as hemorrhaging of the bladder, gastric problems in children who cannot tolerate food, and loss of smell and taste.

In herbalism, peach is used in several treatments.  It promotes blood circulation, countering stagnation by expelling cold from the body.  It acts as a lubricant in helping dry coughs, hernia pain, excessive perspiration, and indigestion.  Peach is also used to treat the spleen.

Esoteric meaning:  Deliciousness

The peach helps us find what pleases our senses and what we wish to touch, taste, and delight in.  It offers us the opportunity to examine what we enjoy and find delectable.

Affirmation:  “My sensuality finds delicious experiences.”

I hope that these messages brought something to you on your Path today.

Much love and many blessings,


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