Energy Blessings for 01-17-2020

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Overall Energy Message – Amuata – Sage of Higher Knowledge

Seek what feels true, even beyond the logical.  If something doesn’t feel right, challenge it and dig deeper.  Educate and inform yourself on matters of importance to you.  Trust that your mind is strong and bright enough to do this.  Enhance your self-esteem by researching for information and trusting your intuition to help you discern what is useful and true.  Have faith in your own mental abilities.  If others have criticized you or made you feel inadequate in understanding, cast that off as belonging to the past and not relevant to you now.  You will become immune to manipulation by others, who may be convincing but not necessarily accurate or helpful.  Trust the power of your mind to receive and recognize the answers that you need.  You will find your way.

Test all opinions, advice, research and alleged facts according to your own intuition and instinct.  Select that which is helpful for you and notice that which is best cast aside, even if just for a time.  Seek information and assistance from those that you feel can assist you – and yet place no human advisor above the ultimate, divine authority, which will guide you on how to proceed through a deep inner knowing.  There is always new knowledge beyond existing boundaries of thought.  We simply need to be open and willing to receive it with patience, discernment and trust in the greater guiding power.  The oracle of Amuata comes to you with guidance that an answer is coming, an important piece of information, and that when you are centered in your heart you will recognize that for what it is and know how to proceed.

More Insights ~ Innocence ~ Integrity ~ Star Seed

Innocence – Too often, we carry around the extra baggage of guilt and shame.  This card has come to you today because it is time to release these feelings.  The Universe sees your innocence and is asking that you begin to see it too.

These long-held beliefs are buried within your core and they are interfering with your progression.  It’s time to release any shame you carry about who you are, or guilt over actions you did or did not do.  These old values only lead you to question whether you are good enough, deserving, or worthy.  What if I had done more?  Been more?  What if I hadn’t done that?  Why did I say that or do that?  They make you question if you, as a person are enough. 

But the Universe sees you as perfect in every way.  You need to see your own innocence, no matter what you may have done or when.  This is the first step to healing your heart and spirit.  It’s a necessary step in moving forward and claiming your place in this world.  This one simple act will allow the seeds of self-forgiveness and self-love to blossom within.  The innocence card may also come if it is time to see the innocence in another person.  It’s important to delve below the surface of any feelings of anger, hurt, or disappointment.  Within your heart, allow yourself to see the innocence in the other person’s actions or behaviors.  This can bring profound healing and may even help you to see your own innocence.

Integrity – This card comes to you today because your own sense of integrity is strong.  Do not doubt yourself or allow someone else to shake you with accusations, should that be the case.

Your integrity demands that you do what feels right.  This is because your integrity is directly connected to your spiritual sense of direction – much like a compass.  It helps you align with the Divine plan and take right action.  One of Spirit’s ways of guiding us is through our integrity.  It’s important for you to remember that whatever action you have taken, it was with the best of intention, regardless of the outcome.  At the end of the day, it’s between you and God – no one else.  Keep that in mind.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.  It only matters what you think.

Your heart is good.  Do not allow any outside influence to leave you questioning it.  Spirit doesn’t.  Carry on doing what you are doing.  Just stay true to what you feel is right.  That is all anyone can ever ask of you.

Often the Integrity card comes to those who are here to do important work on Spirit’s behalf.  These people are strongly guided by their integrity.  You are one of them.  And sometimes, your strengths and gifts are tested so you can discover for yourself, just how strong they are within you.

This card may also come to you if you are trying to deal with someone who is out of alignment with their personal integrity.  Regardless of what takes place, do not deviate from your own sense of integrity as you deal with the situation.  And do not attempt to fix or change the other person.  Send them love and forgive them as best you can, while you remain strong in your own truth and integrity.

Star Seed – The loving, benevolent being on this card has come to you today to share his words of encouragement.  There are many who feel as though they don’t belong here on Earth.  It can be a tough Journey, with many experiences and obstacles to overcome.  You no longer have to question whether you are supposed to be here or not, or whether you belong.  You most absolutely belong here.  Your soul has chosen this incarnation for many reasons, and the Universe has brought you here for a reason too.  Do no doubt the wisdom of it.

You are a very sensitive soul, connected to the subtle energies that weave and ebb throughout the entire cosmos.  You may find that you are acutely affected by the moods or thoughts of others as well.  Although at times it may not feel like it, this is a gift.  It is a special part of your make-up and blue print.  Your keen ability to sense and intuit these energies is an aspect of the gift you are here to bring to the planet.

You could be any type of healer or teacher, but this largely depends on whether you choose to hide away from the world or to engage in it.  At times is may seem easier to just hide away, but that is not what you have come here to do.  You carry a high frequency and through your everyday contact with others, you are sharing it.  As you allow yourself to open up to the world around you, you’ll find yourself opening to the higher information and energies as well.

Usually, Star Seeds are guided and directed by beings of cosmic/galactic nature.  This can sometimes mean that it takes more effort and patience when communicating with their guides.  The Star Seed card asks that you consciously work on developing your connection with your guides, as there is information awaiting you.

I hope that you have found the blessings and messages that are here for you today.

Much love and many blessings,


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