Energy Blessings for 01-16-2020

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Overall Energy Message: Amethyst ~ Intuition ~ Third Eye Chakra

Your intuition is very strong right now. Notice any intuitive feelings or vision that you may be experiencing. Trust in your intuition because this is your inner-self, spirit guides and angel connecting with you. They offer guidance and valuable insights into your life.

Take time today to focus on peace and tranquility. As you relax, you will feel the answers to your questions coming forwards a lot more deeply. It’s also a good time to join a meditation group, attend a spiritual workshop or delve into a spiritual matter that interests you. This will help you to reconnect with your spirit guides and angels. Nurturing your intuitive connection will help bring about self-healing on many levels and will also enhance your capacity to help others heal through words, energy or even through a hands-on healing modality.

Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February. Drawing this card may indicated that next February will be a significant month for you. Amethyst is associated with your third eye chakra which relates to your intuition. It can also be very useful in helping you to heal any past hurts. Harness the power of amethyst to reconnect with your intuition today!

Additional Messages: Valkyrie ~ Obsidian ~ High Priestess ~ Lepidolite

Valkyrie – The Bird Goddess is one of the most ancient goddesses, both a life-giving creator and a goddess of death and regeneration. The Valkyrie, a northern European goddess, is a representation of Goddess as the wielder of death. The bird guise of the Valkyrie is that of the Raven, long associated with death and magic. The name Valkyrie means “chooser of the slain;” the face and form of the Valkyrie are the last thing a person sees before death. Valkyries are psychopomps who lead the soul to the afterworld. For ancient people death was part of a cyclical process leading again to rebirth; black was a positive color, a symbol of fertility and abundance. The Valkyrie represents that part of us that is unafraid of the dark places; she can lead us into and through them. She reminds us that seeds germinate in the darkness, that sometimes we need darkness in order to grow.

Obsidian ~ Protection ~ Root Chakra

Obsidian is a very protective crystal. It has appeared for you today to provide you with a grounded protective energy. Obsidian also reminds you of the importance of psychic protection. It is very important that you feel protected on all levels. To psychically protect yourself, imagine you are surrounded by a very strong bubble of golden light. The color gold is used to keep your energy strong and it is extra resilient to lower energies.

To keep yourself physically protected when you are by yourself, take note of your surroundings. Always pay attention to any feelings or warnings that you may receive. If you have a bad feeling about going to a particular place, event or area, be extra cautious if you do go, or you can go with someone else or even reschedule if that is a possibility.

To protect yourself spiritually always remember to call on your angels or spirit guides and ask for their protective presence to surround you as you move through your day. If there is someone who is quite draining or negative in your life, visualize a protective bubble of golden energy surrounding their energies before you interact with them. Obsidian is associated with the root chakra and it helps remove negativity and restores your energy.

High Priestess – The Priestess is the direct representative of the goddess on earth. She has direct responsibility for functions that ensure fertility and ongoing creation. Priestesses often were responsible for ensuring rain, for the goddess was the giver of dew and of rain. They often tended a sacred flame, the embodiment of the creative spark of life.

The High Priestess is the Great Goddess herself, a universal figure found in such diverse guises as Isis in Egypt, Kuan Yin throughout all of Asia, Athena in Greece, and Rhiannon among the Celts. This goddess is all-knowing and all-wise; she creates life out of herself and bestows life-giving waters. At the proper time she takes life away so that the divine spark in each person may be freed to continue on its journey. The Hight Priestess is a reminder of the innate wisdom in each of us. She demands that we connect to the divine spark within and manifest it in the world.

Lepidolite ~ Trust ~ Third Eye & Crown Chakra

Trust in the Universe. Stay strong and positive, stand in your space and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Try to remove any doubts you might have about what is going on around you. It is time for you to trust and move forwards. It is also important that you pay attention to and trust any intuitive feelings that you are receiving. This is your spirit guides and angels way of getting messages through to you.

Even if you don’t understand why something is happening, trust that everything is going to be okay.

Lepidolite helps you to overcome any worries that you may have. It also helps you to be independent and opens you up to trust and self-love. Lepidolite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It is known as “the stone of transition.” If you are transtitioning in certain areas of your life right now, take this as a great sign that you need to trust in the decision that you have made. It is the right rime for this transition to occur. Enjoy the new beginnings that are flowing into your life.

I hope that the messages here offer you something to take away with you on your Journey.

Much love and many blessings,


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