Energy Blessings for 01-06-20

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Guiding message:

Totemic Puma

I am Puma.  I awaken within you the vigorous energy, fierce power and ability to act without hesitation when the moment is right.  My patience and strategy, my preparation and precision, my fearlessness and decisiveness are now your own.  Allow my sacred medicine to fill your soul and bring courage to your heart.  You have come into your power.


You’ve got this.  Don’t let fear or hesitation hold you back.  Apply yourself fully to the task.  Let go of old ways of viewing yourself as incapable, scattered or wasteful of energy.  You have the ability to focus intently, to generate clear intention, and to achieve your ambitions through methodical steps and in applied will.  You have the internal resources you need for successful completion.  Even if no one else recognizes your potential and believes in your future success, in due course they will understand differently. By then, you will already be moving on to your next task.  Trust your sense of timing.  Have patience.  When you know it is the time to leap, do it without hesitation.

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Pig – Abundance

Element – Earth

Kin Essence – Shift focus to se what it is you already have

Pigs are highly adaptable; are able to learn new skills; and acclimatize to new environments and situations with ease.  With the few natural predators (thanks to their ability to reproduce quickly, and the fact that they can eat just about anything), pigs manage to align with abundance and positive outcomes, no matter what their surroundings are.  The invite us to find the abundance that is already bountiful into our life. 

One of the most intelligent animals known to humans, the pig is able to solve problems with ease.  They also have more physical abilities that we give them credit for including swimming, running at speed, and regulating their body temperature by using water and mud.

Mother pigs form social groups with other females and their young, whilst the males are mostly solitary creatures, (except when mating).  Within their communities, pigs play together, cooperate towards achieving common goals, and communicate using actions and noises.

Infamous for being “dirty”, pigs are actually quite clean and tidy animals.  They keep clean nests and allocate specific areas in which to go to the toilet.  Pigs are also unable to sweat; therefore, it is in their nature to cool off in water or mud.

The pig teaches us that when we take away the feeling of being threatened, we can automatically see and embrace the abundance of all things we cherish in life.

Moth – Awareness

Element – Spirit

Kin Essence – Lessen the distractions to lead you to a higher state of consciousness

Closely related to the butterfly, the moth starts its life as larvae; then becomes a caterpillar; before undergoing the epic transformation into a moth as their final stage of life.  If the butterfly is a toddler, then the moth is a great-grandmother; wise, worldly, gently and peaceful.  They lovingly guide us through our transitions with steadfast confidence and “eyes-wide-open” awareness.

As a master of disguise, the moth uses colors and patterns on it wings to confuse, distract, and warn off predators.  Interestingly enough, adult moths don’t eat, which makes them the perfect role models for choosing not to consume, and instead to simply absorb and enjoy the things in life that are free to all.  This allows is to reach a truly heightened state of being.

Moths also use a technique of celestial navigation to help position themselves in a straight path during flight.  In this higher state of awareness, they show us the art of trusting and knowing that theirs is a force at play much bigger and stronger than ourselves, and to see that no matter which path we take, it will be the one that the Universe has assigned us.

Moths are naturally drawn to the light, showing us that in choosing the path towards the light, we are saying “yes” to taking the high road.  In turn, we can shed our energy blocks so that we may let more light into our lives.

Lady Beetle – Luck

Element – Fire

Kin Essence – Never lose the child-like sense of wonder that cultivates your natural, lucky disposition

Lady beetles (also referred to as lady bugs/lady birds) have long been associated with innocence, luck, and child-like wonder.  These fascinating little darlings of the insect world come in many colorations, with the most commonly known being a bright red/orange outer casing with black spots.  The coloration is actually a warning to predators (such as reptiles and birds) to proceed with caution, as they are protected by noxious fluids in their bodies that are based on cyanide – meaning they are pretty poisonous to other animals!

When under threat, the lady beetle excretes a bad tasting toxin throughout its exoskeleton, acting as a deterrent to most clued-in animals.  They have been widely associated with being a messenger of luck or good fortune, perhaps due to their desired preference for feeding on crop destroying insects like aphids.  Farmers treat them with the utmost respect as they help to keep these insects at bay, allow plants to flourish, and humans to reap the rewards.

Lady beetles have always been one of the first insects a child will learn to love.  They are very small, cute and have such a beautiful and attractive look that it makes for a perfect companion and teacher to children about nature and its kin.

We can see that their gift to us is to remember that we can all create our own luck just by doing the things we were born to do.  Our original state of being – love – is all we need to create and have whatever we want in life if we simply remember this state we are born into.  The lady beetle reminds us to approach everything with a sense of innocence, wonder, and fascination without focus on or conscious knowledge of any underlying threat.

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