Twin Flame Energy Forecast

Twin Flame Energy Forecast for May 27th – May 30th 2016

Twins May 27th

The energy between Twins this weekend looks to be full of heart centered compassion and playfulness.  The overlying energies for the reading is the King of Wands so the Masculine aspect of the Twin Flame Union is overseeing and guiding the connection.  Passion, warmth, determination and courage will be ever present.

The Masculine aspect of the Union is embodying the energies of the Knight of Cups, The Moon, the Two of Cups and the Three of Wands.  The Masculine aspect continues to search deep within, knowing inside of himself that the connection he experiences with the Feminine is true love and yet is still confused about his ability to trust his feelings.  He experiences deep inner vulnerability when faced with knowing that the Feminine is hurting from his lack of acknowledgement of the connection between them.  He often feels lost at just how to communicate to his divine counterpart what he’s feeling and experiencing.  There is no doubt that this connection is real for him, it’s just that his current ability to express himself, his willingness to be authentic with the Feminine is still developing.  As a result of this he finds childlike playfulness and friendship as the outlet that he uses to connect with the Feminine.

The Feminine aspect of the Union is embodying the energies of the Five of Cups, the King of Cups, the Ace of Pentacles and the Page of Swords.  The Feminine aspect of the Union is struggling with her own emotional maturity in the face of not seeming to get what she wants from her Masculine  counterpart.  There’s very much the feeling of the traditional meaning of the Five of Cups as “crying over spilled milk” and a refusal to recognize the gift that is sitting right in front of her.  Her communication skills have a tendency to suffer when she’s in this state and instead of standing in her energy of emotional maturity she slides backwards in tactless, blunt even childish communicating.

The energies present in the Union itself are the Six of Cups, Judgment (masculine contribution), Three of Pentacles (feminine contribution), and the Queen of Pentacles.  Spirit is encouraging both Twins to take a joyful, playful approach to their connection this weekend.  Know that the Masculine aspect is being Guided towards awareness, wakefulness and truth.  The Feminine is being encouraged to be the emotional Master and build the foundation that the Twins both need even if it means currently working on that foundation by herself…she won’t be alone in her building efforts for much longer.  Twin Unions are being held in a place of deep spiritual knowing and emotional prosperity and abundance.  Sing, dance, laugh, move your bodies, listen to your Guides and enjoy a playful timeout this weekend…go have some fun!!

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