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Sound explorations & personal Journeying with the deep healing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls and more.

Kathy profile  I’ve had a lifelong love of music.  Music has the power to reach us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  My personal background in music is in voice.  I think I was probably 3 years old the first time I stood on a stage and sang in front of an audience!  That was the beginning of 25 years of being involved with choir and theater.  I’ve been working in the area of healing with sound for close to 7 years and it has been an amazing journey of personal growth and development.  I consider it an honor to be able to serve others in a healing capacity.  Being a meditation facilitator is a blessing that I never could have imagined…truly a dream come true.
 Most of the services and music that I offer involve not only the quartz crystal singing bowls but also drums, voice, bells, gongs, and Tibetan singing bowls.  I’ve begun my journey as a recording artist offering high vibrational music and healing sound.  I know that this is a lifelong commitment and I look forward to be able to offer many, many recordings in the years to come. Kathy Studio

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I am an Intuitive (clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, precognitive, etc.) and an Empath. In numerology I’m an 11 Life Path. I was born to walk my Path as an ordained Shaman Medicine Woman. I’ve been a practitioner of shamanism for 20 years.

My gifts, formal education, and hands-on skills include: Aromatherapy, Flower essences, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Crystals and Herbs, Reflexology, Tarot, Runes, Animal Guides, Angel Guides, some Astrology, Healing with Sound, Shadow Healing, and Soul Retrieval.

  I am a certified ReUnion Process facilitator which allows clients to address past life, current life, and inherited ancestral energies that need to be healed at the quantum/soul level. I love my Path and I get excited, again and again, to be here – doing this work – and sharing the Light with others.

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